Disney Addicts Intervention


Well here it is my 1000th post!:laugh:
I wanted to start a thread that might last with it:wub: - so here is my question…

Do you think you are addicted-:happy: do others find you nuts for being so Nuts for Disney- :blink: do you ever look at others and think its sad how “they just don’t get it?” :huh:

Well here is your support thread… :happy:

Please post the disney type things you find yourself doing on a daily basis.

Hello my name is WooHoo and Im a disneyaholic-:mickey:

Currently Im wearing a teeshirt with Mickey as the sorcerers apprentice juggling all the magic of Disney- drinking my coffee from my stitch mug while “winnie the pooh” is playing for the baby so I can type.


OMG! I am so addicted. Other people definately don’t get me! (except for you people and that’s why I am here so often :biggrin:).

Here are a few reasons that I know I have a little issue :laugh:

–Just the mere mention of Disney on the outside world makes me excited enough to want to talk for hours.

–Anyone who knows me calls me before they start planning their own trips to WDW to get advice and they have to take notes while talking to me.

–I have a Tinkerbelle screen saver and lots of Disney stuff on my desk at work and I don’t care who sees it!

–I recently purchased “WDW for Idiots” and my husband was dumbfounded! (I just like to read anything I can get my hands on to prepare!!)

–If I don’t have my next next Disney trip planned even before I have left for my next trip I am very depressed…(did you get that? :huh:)

Now I am going to go get my Chesire Cat mug and get me some coffee!


::Stands up::

Hi, my name is King, and I…am a Disney addict!

Yes, I am knuts for Disney. Luckily for me, there are a few people here at work who are also big Disney fans; there is even a workstudy student whose family has the premium AP’s, DVC members and we spend most of the time talking about different trips and suggestions for future trips.

I am even looking at the pic on my desk from our honeymoon of me, DW and Mickey in his safari gear from AK in its AK frame.

Counting down the days!!!


Well see, I don’t have a problem, see. I could stop cold turkey. Really.:laugh:


Hi.My name is Amanda and I am addicted to Disney.:mickey:

I draw practically everything at least once with Mickey ears on, and I am on MB for hours during summer vacation.My mom is also on here with me, so I could say it was her fault but I wont.I have disney everything, and I am wrapped up in my Tinkerbell comforter now.I have Disney books in my bookcase and I have some Disney stuffed animals.

I should have a sign that says: Caution!Disney Addict!:excl:


now now now…(pats on back) its ok to admit it- we are all here for you:blush:


You are too kind!:flowers:


If we all just stick together we will all get through it (security checkpoints on our way to our next trip that is!!! Ha ha ha!)


i have drawn mouse ears on all of by golf balls…


I guess its my turn.(stands up)… ahem ahem… my name is DayDreamer and I’m a Disney addict.

Recently some people in the office were talking about their upcoming vacations. One was going to Paris another to London and some other surrounding countries and others were talking about where they want to go. When I start to tell them about some places I plan on visiting I’m quickly interupted by someone who says “he only wants to go to Orlando!” Then someone else says “why” then that turns into a whole discussion about they would only go there once, its too expensive, its too hot, its for kids but the icing on the cake was… ready… “there is nothing to do there” :blink:

Yep, I’m an addict and proud of it. A day just isn’t complete without a visit to Disney.com to look at the resorts, ticket prices or for anything new. :happy:


golf balls huh? now that is pretty funny! Did you just color in 3 holes at a time? You have way too much time on your hands apparently- that is time that could be better spent planning a trip ya know… and golf money could be trip money ( I land that one on DH all the time!)


yes, i colored in 3 holes… i am part of the DVC, so planning trips is never an issue for me. i play every weekend. i am goign to play this december @ magnolia, and i want to make sure i do not look like a fool doing it…


hehe, was that inspired by the golf ball in Soarin’?!?! How cute.


OK, I think I am ready to face up to my addiction. hehe. I may be perhaps the most embarrassingly severe case thus far.:blush: hehe.

Hi, my name is Jessica (aka “Wish”, aka “Wishy”, etc.) I have been facing a longterm Disney addiction and am not completely sure I am anywhere near ready for the recovery process. I must still be in denial. haha.

  • Since I was 5 years old I have never gone more than 12 months without going to WDW, which has only progressed since age 18 to now 2-3 times a year.

  • I joined to DVC to ensure these frequent visits will continue until 2054, in which I will be 76 years old.

  • I use “WDW” lingo to commoners that have NO CLUE what I am talking about. Then realize I am in fact the weirdo one.

  • I am INCAPABLE of walking in a mall with a Disney store and NOT going in… EVER… I ALWAYS have to go in!!

  • We basically have established an account to keep our “Disney” money in.

  • There perhaps may be a photo of me in all WDW and DL art galleries with a huge “SUCKER” printed on it b/c I have become QUITE a Disney art fiend.

  • I actually get depressed if I am unsure of my next Disney trip, I must ALWAYS have perpetual plans or reservations.

I know, I know… bad case. :laugh:


Not from what I hear. And I hear alot.


i named my son after casey (casey’s corner)


Congrats on reaching 1000. :wub:

Good luck on that addiction thingy, too! :laugh:


:wub: HoneyBear!!! How do you be??? I just can not imagine what you have heard.:wink:


Hi. I’m Kippage.

And I think I might be the only person on this board who’s not truly addicted. Most of you far surpass me.

I’m just here for the free food. K. Thanks.



Well, I be fine! Doughnut has been hounding, no…kittying me to get on here and post more so I can get into chit chat-LOL! :blush: