Disney adventure - for disney fans


We came across this chapter book called Kingdom Keepers. It seemed like the coolest book for him. It is about 5 middle school aged kid who live in Orlando. They work part-time as “guides” at disney. Apparently, there are weird things happening at the disney parks and these kids are picked to find out what is going on. They are given clues and they have to go around the park to try and figure out where the clues are and what it all means. They have to figure it out so the “Overtakers” do not take over the parks and then the world. The book is very descriptive and the places they mention and talk about in the book are places we have gone and experienced for real. For example, in the book the boy says he goes to sit down on a bench that had a statue of Goofy sitting on it in front of Exhibition Hall. Last trip we took to disney my son sat in that exact same place. Every place they go in the parks we have been to. Alot of the story has to do with computer technology…holograms, computer imaging, etc. My son, even at 7 yrs old, is into that stuff so he understands to a point about what the book is referring to. I sit with my son every night and we take turns reading out loud.

There are two books…Kingdom Keepers:Disney After Dark, and Kingdom Keepers 2: Disney at Dawn. We are about half way through the first book.

Just thought I would let everyone know about these books. My son likes to read and finding a book that he looks forward to reading every night is great. I thought maybe others might enjoy the disney adventure.