Disney and all that Jazz


If Disney put some of their singers like Raven Symone into the Jazz genre they could be one of the top music producers. Right now Raven isn’t that popular with music lovers but if you heard her sing Jazz wow she’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. I think if she started singing jazz that she could have some of the top albums in the nation.


arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. I HATE Raven! SHE CAN’T SING!!! Espcially JAZZ! You can’t just “sing” jazz, it’s an art form and it takes years of dedication to perfect! AHHHHH

(sorry, I’m a jaz singer myself and I HATE all these “it” girls doign whatever they want with no training or talent and making it big! AHHHHHHHHHHH)


No I KNOW she can’t sing hehe. Trust me, I’ve heard her one too many times and to me she sounds like she’s just screaming the lyrics. But when I heard her sing some jazz it really sounded like it was coming from the heart which is why it was shocking. And I love Jazz too (I’m in a huge Jazz band playing alto ^_^).


I am a 38 year old mom of two preteens, so I pretty much see all the pre-teenybopper shows. And I have to say, I like Raven’s shows the best. She genuinely seems to care about the kids in the ‘younger set’ and tries to be a good role model, I think. She really does things outside of her shows even to promote young girls self-image and to move away from the magazine-model stereotypes. I like her.

…and her singing doesn’t grate my nerves nearly as bad as that Lindsay Lohan’s … so I would probably listen to her sing jazz. I typically love jazz & blues, and the more from the soul and off key the better for me (love,love,love Madeleine Peyroux)


Ya because she’s not a “Hillary” or “Lindsey” or any of these. She’s her own person which is neat. Btw, Welcome to DC!


I don’t know, Raven doesn’t seen to give off the style persona of a jazz singer. I am glad you enjoy her though.