Disney and Dreamworks


I saw this on another board. Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily SHOWBIZ SHOCKER! EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! DreamWorks Desperately Seeking $250M: Secretly Tries To Make Disney Play But Loses Universal Deal In The Process; DW/Disney Deal To Announce Monday


Oh, I saw that, too.

I’m wondering if this means Universal will have to get rid of the Shrek attraction…

And, it looks like Disney is working towards an animation monopoly… this knocks out major competition. Do you think they’ll combine Dreamworks with Pixar? Or begin producing movies with both studios?

This is really interesting.


Here is a bit more from CNN.
Spielberg and Disney in DreamWorks talks - Feb. 7, 2009


Wow, this is exciting news. It’ll be intresting to see what becomes of this.


Not a rumor anymore.
Disney, DreamWorks set long-term distribution deal - Yahoo! News


WOW it should be interesting to see what comes about


Yyyyowzah. Not what I was expecting, but I am more at ease now. I was hoping Disney wouldn’t associate themselves with Shrek’s total bathroom humor. :blow: