Disney and Mother's Day memories


This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom(passed away Dec.11,2009) and I was thinking of some memories of her and some Disney ones came to mind. I was just recently at my parent’s house and my dad gave me some Mickey figurines that she had bought on one of her trips. To my surprise she had written on the bottom of the figurines the year that they were bought and all of them were bought in 1994, her first trip to WDW and also a trip where I had gone with them to be their “guide”. I remember them being apprehensive about visiting WDW and them not having enough to do but I had planned it well enough that they enjoyed the many attractions, rides and restaurants they visited and went back many times after that by themselves. This memory brings a smile to my face.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


Awe, That is special!
I hope someday my DD looks fondly on all of our memorabilia and remembers all of the fun we had! :slight_smile:


What sweet memories! You gave me chills. I also hope that my children will have fond memories of our Disney trips when they are all grown up.


In 2009 I lost both of my Grandmothers and a Grandfather…today is a hard day for both of my parents and all of us grandchildren.

My thoughts are with you today Disney62.


Disney62, thank you for sharing your memories! It has made me even more grateful for the chance to create these memories with my children. I think your post will make me be more deliberate in saving memorabilia for my children as we age.