Disney and the iPad


Ok get all the making fun of the name out of your system. It appears that Disney has big plans for the device.

At the keynote. ESPN showed off interactive baseball. If I was into baseball and went to game I would want that. It allows you to drill down into stats on like, provides you with in formation during the game a fanatic would get all slobber over…might make some people forget about drinking beer.

This is a version of augmented reality. Where live data is presented to you on the fly based on where and what you are doing. There are a number of these new apps on the iphone already (cheap gas for the 3Gs allows you to hold up your phone and pan around. The camera shows you what you the phone is pointed at while having “billboards” for gas station popup as you point in their direction.)

The Kim Possible experience in EPCOT is another example of augmented reality put into entertainment as well as the ending in SSE (weak examples but still).

Just think of what could be done with the ipad with content like movies or TV shows. Books and magazines are going to be revolutionized by this…why why beyond ebook readers.

Very exciting to see where Disney takes this with all their wonderful depth of content!

Disney CEO: iPad ‘could be a game changer’

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) – Walt Disney Co. (DIS 29.60, -0.24, -0.80%) Chief Executive Bob Iger said Tuesday that Apple Inc.'s (AAPL 196.04, -0.15, -0.08%) new iPad tablet device “has a lot of potential,” and “could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to essentially create new forms of content.” Iger, speaking during a conference call with analysts, said that the iPad’s portability and interactivity create the the possibility of something different than what is available on a typical computer or TV set. “With ESPN,” he said, “you have ScoreCenter, which is a great app on the iPhone and provides rudimentary information and scores. Suddenly we have a platform where you can really make those scores come to life.”

Disney CEO: iPad ‘could be a game changer’ - MarketWatch



Very interesting…


The Big Mouse Brother is watching over us and making our trips better. Can’t wait.


Can’t wait longer