Disney Archives at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


For my birthday my DW took me to see the exhibit above. The exhibit is from a Disney foundation called the D23.

It was WONDERFUL, as much as I have read about Disney to see, in person, his handwritten notes, early cells, to see a mockup of the multi-plane camera and one of the animators workstations, just awesome.

If you are in the area and get the chance, do go see it, you will not be disappointed. It runs thru sometime mid August if I remember correctly.

Tip: This is not for really small children, there were several there crying on and off. I felt bad for them as they were bored to tears, literally.

Children over about 8 will enjoy it and will also enjoy the “Art Lesson” at the end where you get to sit with an animator as he shows you some drawing basics, way cool stuff.


And of course I left my camera at home ! ! ! !