Disney at Christmas - Thoughts?


Hi All!

With kids getting older(will be 17 and 13), we were thinking about doing a surprise trip next year during Christmas. We love Disney and were last there in 2004. Never seen the xmas stuff. I’m looking for any thoughts/comments/pros/cons, on doing Disney during Christmas day/week, assuming we’ll be able to exchange our timeshare for that time also. I will definitely be putting in my request next week.

Some thoughts/concerns I have:

  • weather
  • all rides open?
  • special event(s) Xmas day itself?

Thx in advance for all of your advice!

PS. I’m also assuming my teenage daughter will still want to go, ha!


I’m in college and my parents just surprised me with a WDW trip. We are leaving on Saturday!!! Anyways, it looks as if all the rides are open. The weather looks like the highs will be in the 70s while the lows will be in th 50s. I’ve never been over Xmas, so I’ll be sure to tell you all about it once I get back!


Thx coasterman! That will be great to hear your report. Have a great time!


We are planning a holiday Trip in December '08, also. I understand Christmas week is a zoo. I have heard stories of not being able to move around in the MK it was so crowded; 2 hour wait for rides, etc.
We are going the week before. It is rated much better, crowd wise.


We’re leaving for our first Christmas trip Friday. My son is 9 and Christmas is usually a big deal to him but this year he isn’t as excited about it as usual and that makes me a little sad. He says he’s fine with going to WDW and getting most of his gifts when we get home but our house hasn’t been as Christmas-y this year because we all know we won’t be home.

All that said, I’m really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Christmas decorations and just soaking in all the holiday magic.


I think if you are prepared for lengthy waiting times for rides and knowing the parks will be very busy then you must go. I imagine Disney operates a 1 in 1 out policy at Christmas just as it does during July 4th, when full to capacity. So get where you want to be early and prepare to stay in the one park all day? I would adore to go for Christmas one year but at the moment, where I work, no vacations are allowed during the month of December so I guess I need to quit in the year I wanna go! I have heard wonderful things about it, from the decorations at the parks to the gingerbread house in the GF. Let us know what you decide!


We have never been there Christmas week but I have heard that it is very crowded. However we did just get home and I can tell you that the decorations were beautiful and the weather was great while we were there. We did not ride a lot of rides but the ones we did, we walked right on most of them. We did get a fastpass for two rides, Peter Pan and Winnie The Pooh as we passed them so if it was busy later we would have them but we really didn’t need them when we got back to those rides.


Besides the long lines it is a really nice time to go. We went this time last year and are leaving to go again this year tomorrow. All the decorations are very nice and you really get into a Christmas mood when you are there. The weather is usually pretty nice. It is our favorite time of year to go. If you do go for Christmas you have to make sure you go to MVMCP.


It’s worth it just to have that experience. We went last Christmas. The holiday spirit is abundant and the decorations are gorgeous. The biggest downfall is the crowds. But if you go knowing a bazillion other people are going, too, well, it’s tolerable. The weather was okay for us, but I’m guessing every year is different. Christmas Day was nasy weather so we resort hopped and enjoyed everything indoors until late afternoon. The must do is the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. That alone was worth the trip! I don’t think you’d be disappointed with a WDW visit at Christmas. :happy:


What are the shortest lines experienced during Xmas. Our first day there will be the 23rd, so what should I expect? 5 rides a day??


As our daughter will be working at the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot we’ll be spending our first Christmas at WDW in 2008. I’m really excited to be able to see all the decorations and the Candlelight Procession - but I’m taking a different approach to this trip - it’ll be based more on the resorts and special events.


That’s how I have gone into our Christmas trip. I know we won’t be able to go on as many rides as usual but there’s so much more to WDW at Christmas time and we’re going to enjoy it. The parks are going to be packed and the lines are going to be crazy long but we’re going to enjoy all the extra stuff and not worry about how many rides we’ve been on. We’ll fastpass as much as we can but I want to see some of the resorts and walk around each park and enjoy the decorations, that alone is enough for me.


While we were there - early December, we knew that we were not going to ride a lot of the rides as there was so much Christmas to see and do. We were only there for 5 days and do not feel like we got to see or do a lot of the Christmas. I only hope that some day we can go back at Christmas time again.


We have been to WDW twice in the last three
years at Christmas and more than likely we will
be there in '08. My thinking is a little more different
than others.( no not you Franco:wacko: ) For the
last few years I love going away for the holidays.
Why, first of all I’ve said this before, Everything
at home is wacky, crowded, and crazy. The stores,
streets,highway our church are completly out of
control!:eek: And you notice not many smiles out
there:mad: People are overworked, tired, trying to
do too much and in our case only the 13 year old
has any real sprit. The 17 year old is picking the last
few months to become a supersized pain in the butt!:eek:
DW is working to hard and I am always asking her
to chill out and along with the oldest being a pain
she is at her wits end!:ohmy: In fact, I think she is
the one that needs and deserves vacations. So, going
to WDW for Christmas is a good thing. Da boys are on
there own for the day, both have phones they hit the
parks early do ALL the rides and are out the door noonish
time come back to resort and regroup and we as a
family are off to dinner time. DW gets really pampered
during our time there, and we are bound to see more
smiles at Disney than we would at our local malls!:happy:


:sled: :snowman: :tinytree: :santa: :reindeer: With the exception of long lines and crowds we loved going for christmas. It was like a whole new experiance.


We went the first week of December and it is just wonderful. I know that the crowd level is high, but if you are prepared for that (and have someone to be your fast pass fetcher for the big rides) you will be fine. There is so much to do and see that you couldn’t possibly do it all anyway. It just really filled us with joy being there for the season.


We are going in December of 2008 as well. We will be there from the 17th to the 30th (as of right now. We are talking about extending it). From what I heard the crowd level is large but if you have a plan it will be easier to do/see everything you want to. As for weather, Im pretty sure its like it is here. Warm (its been in the 70s and 80s here) and rainy but you will need a light jacket or sweater for night.


Our only trip to Disney was Christmas 05, we had a fantastic time, so much so we are going back this year. I think maybe because it don’t have anything to compare it to, the crowds didn’t seem so bad. Just remember to bring a coat it can get very chilly at night. Last time on Christmas night we went back to our room and got our winter coats that we had worn on the plane. People were so so nice, it was amazing. I don’t think we have that many nice, friendly people in the state of New Jersey. You’ll have a great time, it may just not be what you are used to.


We just got back from WDW. We went from 12-19 to 12-25. We had the best time. The crowds were great until the 24th. The weather was so nice. Two days we had shorts on, and the rest of the days we had on pants. It was never freezing but chilly in the mornings. The kids took a dip in the pool almost every afternoon. Weather was great, crowds were great etc. I bought this online planning guide and we followed it to a T. This being our first time to go I wanted to make sure that we got in everything that we needed to. The day we went to MK- We started with Buzz Lightyear and worked our way around Toon Town Fair in about three hours. There was no one there. At AK we started with Dinasour and worked our way to the Safari (Hitting Expidition 5 times in a roll in a matter of about 30 minutes total) from opening till noon when we ate lunch there. MGM was crowded when we went but it was the 24th. Just had a blast and did not wait in line much at all. From the 19-23 our longest wait time was no more than 10-15 minutes, on the 24th we waiting in line at Rockin Rollercoaster for 1 hour and 25 minutes.

If you want the place where I went to plan everything I will give it to you just PM me. If I were going back to WDW I would take the kids out of school and go early and plan to come home on the 24th or 25th. When we left traffic was backed up so far it was wild.

I would love to answer any questions that I can. Oh if you go then you have to do MVMCP. It was great and we all loved it.


We just had a special request from the kids to go for Christmas next year. So I am hoping that we are blessed with some wickedly warm weather and light crowds!