Disney at Christmas


I was wondering if anyone has been to Disney at Christmas time and another time of the year. I know that it will be busy. My family has gone in May and we want to go with my parents and sister’s family(who have never been) at christmas time. I am just wondering will my extended family get a chance to really experience WDW?


If you are there the actual days before and right after Christmas, it is unbelievably busy. A week or so before and a week after, not so bad. If you have ever been during the summer (July, August), take those crowds and double it. But it’s still worth it. After you do Christmas at WDW, it just isn’t the same anywhere else, snow or no snow.


Welcome to MouseBuzz!! Christmas at WDW is an amazing experience, the resorts and parks are extra magical. We arrived on Christmas Day and left on Jan. 3 and the resorts and parks wer packed, however I knew that it was going to be crowded when I planned the trip. There are so many wonderful things to see and do at that time of year. How many days are you going for?


Wow do I love Christmas time at WDW. We went last year the first week of Dec. It was not too busy and absolutely beautiful. I was just yesterday trying to convince my husband to go again this year because we all loved it soooo much.:wub:


we are goint the 9th to the 16th of december. i cannot wait…


Welcome. I can’t sing enough praise about how incredible Christmas time is here. Especially with the festivities beginning almost 2 weeks earlier this year. I’m so fired up already. Don’t let the idea of large crowds ruin your good time. You can still get the WHOLE Disney experience no problem. Enjoy.


We went last year from Dec 16 - 22. The crowds weren’t bad at all. It was SO magical that time of year. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.


We are tentatively planning a trip for the same time next year. I will say that I was starting to get nervous it might be really crowded. The pictures of how beautiful it looks are really tempting me! I just love the holidays.


Welcome to mousebuzz. Christmas week is the busies time of the year at WDW…so much so that they have special really expensive pricing just for that time frame. I would go the first week of December. you can get the good prices and still experience all that disney does for the holiday season without actually being there on the holiday or dealing the the loads of people.


[FONT=“Arial Black”]It is kind of crowdwed. I went DEC. 17-19FONT]


When I went (Dec. 16-24), it wasn’t ‘unbelievably’ crowded. And WDW at Christmas time is an amazing experience!! :heart:


Snow on Main St and Holiday IllumiNations are what will likely bring me back to WDW at Christmas. But, I hate crowds, so I’d never go during Christmas week.

The best week to go is the first or second week in December. The Friday before the 25th tends to see a serious uptick in crowds.

We’ve gone twice during the Christmas season and it is TRULY the most magical that time of year.

If you look up some trip reports, you’ll be able to read plenty of evidence of that.

This year will be interesting b/c the 25th is on a Monday. I suspect that crowds will be very managable up through the 19th or 20th, but it’s also possible that a lot of people will have that whole week off.

Next year will be ideal as the 25th is on a Tuesday. Crowds will definately be smaller until about the 20th.


Yuletide Fantasy was an awesome tour going on during the holidays


We were there Dec. 9 - 16 last year. 1st trip for my 9 y.o. DD and myself. We will be going again this year at the same time. It’s beautiful and whoever said that Christmas anywhere else just isn’t the same is absolutely correct ! I love the effect of the ‘snow’ as well…

I attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Great pictures! thanks for posting them! I wish I could go that time of year, but I will have to just settle for Halloween. My vacations are blacked out from 11/13 - 1/10…so is the life of a retail manager.:laugh:


You’re welcome, Dana.

Heck, I wish I could live there all year round !


i can’t wait to see the christmas lights and go christmas shopping in disneyworld.


me either. i saw them setting them up last october. i can only imagine how amazing they look all lit up.


The whole atmosphere is really amazing. Everything has a bit of holdiay added to it. The X-mas trees in the hotel lobbies are really beautiful. The gingerbread house at the GF is so cool. You can actually buy a gingerbread kit inside the gingerbread house. I’ve never experienced such a wonderful time as when we went as a family for the first time during the 2nd week of December.

We’ve gone on about it so much that my DH’s family is going with us this November. I especially can’t wait for MVMCP :happy: :happy:


We’ll be there 12/8-12/16 and it’s our first xmas trip! I’m totally stoked! It’s also our first trip staying at a deluxe resort (WL)! My family and I can’t stand crowds, so I chose this week since everyone says it’s relatively slow, and the unofficial guide gave it a low crowd index number.

We booked MVMCP and LTT dinner that night. I’m going to try to see the candlelight processional, but I’m not sure if DD will hold out for it!