Disney Auctions out of whack?


I loved looking at Disney Auctions’ collections of real theme park and movie props… it was always so cool! Like CM costumes, furniture, jewelry and props from films, artwork from the resort walls, everything…

I just tried to find it again, but NOPE, nothing is there any more! Has Disney Surplus become the new place to get this stuff? Thought it doesn’t have the really unique pieces I liked to see!


Ever since the redesign of the site, when they dropped ebay and went on their own, they haven’t really had anything neat. They used to have old ride vehicles, Disneyland parking lot signs (I have one) and other cool stuff. Now, it just looks like they keep selling the same items over and over.


Yeah, I sent an email to ask about it and that’s what it said. I was sad cuz I used to get stuff on there all the time.




I totally second that emotion! :frown: