Disney Birthday Button Pin?


Does anyone have a blank one that I could purchase off of you? I will be going to WDW for a short quick trip Feb 28- March 2nd but Im staying off property so I wasnt too sure if I was able to get a pin ans I usually got it when we checked in… Thanks all:heart:


Not a problem at all, you can pick one up as soon as you enter the MK for the first time! You DEFINATELY do not need to get it at the resort! :heart:

OH, and PS to get the birthday button you go to City Hall. If you are at any of the other parks first you can get it at Guest Services.


You can pick up a Birthday Pin at City Hall on Main Street MK.


Does anyone know if there are birthday pins offered on the Cruise too?


I’ve read this on 2 different forums…

Do a Birthday Disney Cruise. If you’re cruising with Disney, let your reservation rep/travel agent know about the upcoming birthday and the day you’d like to celebrate it. Once you’re onboard, remind the head server or server about the birthday. Then at dinner, the birthday boy or girl will be serenaded by the crew members, presented with a cake she/he’ll surely have no room to eat, and [COLOR=“Red”]receive a collectible Disney Cruise birthday pin. My mom was all smiles when she got the special birthday treatment![/COLOR]


Yay, you don’t need to stay on-site just to celebrate your birthday! Usually most guest services have them.


DW will actually be there on her birthday this year. I cannot wait. I’ve got an ADR for Liberty Tree with a special cake ordered. I hope the characters will treat her well. :laugh:


They always do, the characters at LTT are great.


They make a BIG PRODUCTION . . . they ring a large “liberty” bell and say Hear ye Hear ye and then announce your name and birthday day . . . all the characters gather around the table and sing Happy Birthday (well dance, you sing) and then they give you a yummy chocolate cupcake that looks like this!


This is from my TR from last weekend . . . we went for DD4s birthday!


Thanks all!! I will de doing Ohanna’s on Friday night and Breakfast at the beach club on Sat… Couldnt get anything else with Chip and Dale