Disney books on Amazon


What a great deal! :cool:

I went to my local Barnes and Noble today and bought three books…one being the 2006 Passporter (Sorry, Dana…don’t have it yet :tongue: )

Anyway, my purchase came out to $44. At B&N, Passporter is $21.99. I asked about the return policy and it is 14 days, which is fine by me. So I get home, proceed to go to Amazon.com to see if I can get the exact books cheaper and GUESS WHAT? I paid $27 FOR THE EXACT SAME BOOKS! The Passporter is $14! No shipping, no tax. I am saving $17!!! :eek:

I guess I will keep these Barnes and Noble books until my Amazon order comes, which should be in about a week. :angel:

Just wanted to give you guys the heads up on what a great deal Amazon is!


That’s a big savings, Kim. I tend to forget about Amazon and buy most of my books at B&N. I need new Disney guide books so I may have to go to Amazon tonight.


I love Amazon! Great deal on the books. Thanks for sharing!


I buy almost all my books at Amazon, college, Disney, history, etc… They are ALWAYS cheaper. I’m about to order that Imagineer’s Guide to Epcot. I found it for only $6.42…


I ordered the Unofficial Guide and the Hidden Mickey book from amazon. I got both for about $17 I think. I always order any kind of books I want from Amazon, even my college books. You can get really great deals. Lots of times I buy good condition used books.


I never even bought the 2006 version…I’m waiting on the 2007 now. They released it so late and it didn’t have all the current updates in it, so I passed on it for one year. I made my own passporter…lol

Great deal on the books! I am anxiously awaiting the release of the 2007 Unofficial…August-september I hope just like last year.


Real quick: To anyone on here who is going to go on to Amazon and grab these books, please go from the home page of Disney Central. I think it’s good for mickey to use the links from his site. thanks.


Oh, no! It doesn’t have all the updates in it?? :noo:


The 2006 and six came out late and some of the new procedures are not in there. The new 180 rule for ADR’s etc are not included. They are not in my 2006 unofficial either so don’t dispair. The new Passporter (2007) won’t be out until either the last week in December or the first week in January and that is if you preorder it. That’s how they have been doing it for the last few years anyway. They do have printable updates on their website and if you get the deluxe binder edition, this is definately a plus.