Disney Bus Crash near Magic Kingdom sends 12 to hospital


[B]I know last visit I thought the BUS DRIVERS were NUTS!!![/B]:blink:

Two Walt Disney World buses crashed this afternoon in front of the Contemporary Resort on Disney property, injuring 12 people, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The rear-end crash happened about 2:40 p.m. when one southbound bus stopped to merge as the World Drive narrowed from three to two lanes, said Sgt. Kim Miller, an FHP spokeswoman. The second bus did not stop in time.

Fifty people were on both buses. A dozen were taken to area hospitals. Miller described their injuries as minor. Preliminary reports indicate the buses were ferrying guests from the theme parks to hotels.

The accident comes 11 days after monorail pilot Austin Wuennenberg died when another train accidentally backed into his.

A Disney spoksewoman, Andrea Finger, said the company is working with law enforcement to ensure the “well-being of those involved.”

“There’s nothing more important than the safety of our guests and cast members,” Finger said.

Link: Twelve hurt when 2 Disney buses crash - OrlandoSentinel.com


Gosh! I hope everyone is OK. It is NOT a good month for Disney transportation!


Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me. Daniel’s been commenting on the lack of driving skill & safe driving on WDW buses for a couple years now. His concern culminated with an event on our Kidani trip when a bus driver LITERALLY had to swerve off the road & do an emergency stop to avoid slamming into a security gate. We assume he wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him. :pinch:

I hope that all of the guests in this reported incident are ok &, once again, that transportation safety & training take precident.


I have to wonder if WDW is stretching cast too thin in light of the current economic situation. I heard they had to lay off a lot of cast members. Does that mean someone has to take up the slack and work more hours? Regardless, our thoughts are with all of the injured in this newest incident in the WDW transportation area. Thankfully they report only minor injuries!


:huh: I’m gonna need Disney transportation to take a little break.


Quit with the 14-hour shifts already, Disney. :dry: I’m just sayin’.

Of course there is nothing saying either of these bus drivers was working a long shift, but…I know from experience that Disney is all too fond of working CMs to death. (Better to pay time and a half to one CM than pay full wages to two seperate CMs, ya know! :pinch:) I’m starting to think there must be some serious short-staffing/overworking going on in WDW.

I hope everyone is okay. This is just…kinda scary.


Holy crap, seriously? That ain’t right. And NOW I’m a little leary of transportation.

I think they need to put their drivers through more rigorous training. I remember some of my fellow CMs leaving my location of fast food to be parking lot tram drivers…it just gave me the willies. But I don’t speak from experience; maybe they DO train the heck out of their drivers and these things just simply happen.


I was thinking the same thing about stretching the help. Hope everyone is going to be ok! Disney needs to watch it…


At first I thought this was a joke, but unfortunately it was not. They say things happen in 3’s. Thank God there wasn’t anyone who was seriously injured.


OMG!!! I just gets worse! I hope they don’t have any more bad luck!


My past few trips my family and I have thought many of the bus drivers drove like maniacs! Unfortunately I have to say I am not surprised.

I hope everyone is ok…this incident could truly ruin someones Disney vacation and that would be terrible after counting down the days till you leave for so long.


We had a bus driver think they had the bus in park, take her foot off the brake, and she almost plowed into a bunch of people at the bus stop once. THAT was scary.



I’m starting to think I’d prefer to use my own transportation instead of Disney’s!


OMG! This is sad for Disney! Whats next I wonder.