Disney buying more land?


My nanny told me today about a rumor she heard about Disney buying some property in Livingston parish in Louisiana. Has anyone heard anything like this? If this is true, I would certainly want to know how much land, and what it’s intended purpose would be.

Oh, my head is spinning with the possibilities!! :laugh: I am sure it is just a rumor, but still worth looking into. Not getting my hopes up though.

My nanny also said that if they did purchase some land, that it would be public record for anyone to see. How would I go about looking up something like that?


You could check that out with the office for the register of deeds for the parish. Check your phone book’s government listings; it should be in there with other local offices.


Seems as though there a few rumors on other boards saying the same thing. Some back as far as Fall of last year. We wont know for sure, until they officially announce something. Rumor has it, they bought “some” property, and were intending to buy more. They didn’t want it to hit the media for fear the land prices would rise, like they did for Walt in Florida.


HEY!!! you popped in!
I had heard the same thing about LA- I wonder though if it will be a new community or luxury resort or something.


I also heard that they are trying to add more land to build more DVC Properties.


From my inside info , and seeing as I live in Livingston Parish :smile:, Disney bought 1900 acres here. For what I don’t know.:smile:

I put a call in to double check my info.:smile:


I bet they are going to build lush DVC Property.


Definitely sounds like an ideal spot for a Disney mini-getaway/DVC!