Disney Cake Challenge


Wednesday, June 4, Food Channel, 9pm Eastern - Disney Pixar Cake Challenge

I caught the end of this the other night and have it set to record Wednesday. They make 4 awesome cakes based on 4 Pixar movies - It’s a Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. They are absolutly amazing!


It was sooooooooo good you gotta watch!!

We still have the Princess cake challenge saved on the DVR . . . DD4 :heart:s to watch it!!


I missed the Princess challenge!:crying:


They replay it now and again . . . it was better then the Pixar one . . . but the Pixar one is still good . . . it’s cake . . . how can you go wrong!?!?!? :wub:


LOOK it’s coming on again in July!!

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Here is the You tube . . . but it shows the ending only!!

YouTube - Food Network Challenge: Princess Cakes Final


I love the cake challenges. Even more so when they are Disney related. Hopefully I’ll get to see the Pixar challenge tonight. Thanks!


Now I want cake…


I just love these cake challenges. I, too, saw the princess one and loved it. Thanks for posting this information. Now I have something good to watch tonight!


I saw most of this on Sunday night. It was cool. It is unbelievable that those things are cakes!


Oh, I have this recorded but now I’m a little disappointed.

No CARS cake? I was hoping for a Cars cake!


Oh, excellent. I’ll add it to my Tivo. :happy:


My sister would love this.


Thanks! I’ll have to be sure to catch it then.


missed it…rats:frown:


It will be on again later this week. I will look it up and post it for you.


It was GREAT! I thought one should have won over the other, but whatever. They were ALL great!!! What talent these people have! :cool: :happy:


What amazes me about the cake challenges, aside from the cakes and how they make them seem so real, especially the ones that involve disney or suess or pixar, is the “expert” judge from the company. They relate how the colors are too this or not enough that and the Suess lady? did you see that one? she kept saying things weren’t “suess-ian” or that is the perfect “suess-ian” red! these people know their stuff! I would challenge that some of my fellow MB’s could be the “expert” judge!! :laugh:


Dana, it will be on again Sunday, June 8 at 5pm eastern.