Disney Car Clings


Does anyone know where I can get Disney Car Window Clings? I’ve been looking to get a donald duck one. I’ve searched all over the internet but i can’t find one. I’ve even looked at the official walt disney site and the store they have online. Can anyone help out?? Thanks.



I think someone said they got it from Ebay? Maybe Cavey? :huh:


Try this link…they might have what you are looking for!


I looked but nothing to do w/ donald. : ( anyone else?


I looked everywhere I know of and Ebay is the only place I could find one. This does look like a good person to buy from though.



I found one! You can find all sorts of Window Clings here! They are custom made. They are a little bit pricy but worth every cent!! Thanks for helping out ladies and gents. It’s appreciated. DT_34



rockin’. maybe I can find a Tink one, I am sure those are abundant.


I don’t remember what characters were there but there were some car clings in the Test Track gift shop this summer. I know Mickey wasn’t there and one may have been Grumpy.


Sorry but I don’t trust Ebay. Several of my close friends and family members have had several bad experiences w/ Ebay. : (