Disney cartoons- secret messages on the environment?


Heres an article from yesterday’s ‘The Times’ newspaper, which throws an interesting light on some of the Disney cartoons.
Even if you disagree, you have to admit its food for thought at least!


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Walt Disney cartoons ‘contain secret messages on the environment’ - Times Online


Cartoons have LONG been filled with political statements. Look back at some of the old cartoons like Popeye from the WWII time frame. Talk about politically incorrect.

Disney is looking for the buck. They are probably writing off green type statements as PSAs. :laugh:


Very interesting article dixie. Thank you for linking it.


Absolutely true, there are many ‘messages’ of all persuasions disguised within motion pictures- even today.
However, to be fair to Disney this project is (supposedly) affiliated to Cambridge University and I am sure Disney will no doubt be happy to be associated with this type of favourable ‘green’ press.


Golly, I saw this article elsewhere today… :laugh: I never thought Disney’s statements were all that covert, but they’re good and wise sentiments all the same… :happy:



Thanks for the link dixie.


This is interesting. Thank’s!


They are David, I particularly like the thoughts on the Little Mermaid.