Disney castle discussion & poll


After seeing pictures of Disneyland Paris’s Sleeping Beauty Castle I was really intriqued by the shape & architechture, grounds, and landscaping. I also love how inside DL Paris Castle there is so much to see, especially the Dragon’s Dungeon and all of the BEAUTIFUL Sleeping Beauty artifacts.

It also made me wonder, why are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty the ONLY princesses to have castles in their honor? What about Snow White, Ariel, or Belle? Does anyone know the reasoning? Any ideas or discussion? To get the ball rolling I added a poll. I am sure we can ALL agree that ALL Disney castles are unique and beautiful but is there just one you are captivated by or is your absolute favorite?

I am adding photos and facts about all of them, I tried to find a daytime photo of all of them with no celebration decorations for any unfair influences. hehe. I will start with the oldest and go to the newest castle.

(Please wait until I post all the pictures and info to start voting)


First option, Disneyland Park of course. Here are some facts:

  • Opened July 17th, 1955. Oldest of all Disney castles.

  • Reaches a height of 77 feet.

  • Beginning April 29, 1957, visitors were able to walk through the castle and view several dioramas depicting the story of Sleeping Beauty.

  • The walk-through experience was discontinued in 2001

  • In celebration of Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, the castle was repainted and 5 turrets were decorated by having various crowns, each representing a decade in Disneyland history, placed upon them.

  • The drawbridge of the castle is functional but very rarely used.

  • The coat of arms over the entry archway is that of the Disney family.

  • When the moat surrounding the castle is dredged, any money retrieved from it is given to charity.

  • A model of the castle had the top of the castle placed on backwards from its original plans. Walt Disney decided it looked better and had it built that way.

(All facts taken from wikipedia.org)


The second option is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Castle, Cinderella Castle which opened in July 1971. Some facts:

  • Reaches to a height of 189 feet tall – nearly twice the size of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

  • Cinderella Castle appears to be made of white and grey stone with royal blue roofs on their turrets; the tops of several towers and two of the tallest spires are made with real gold and gold leaf.

  • Despite appearances, no bricks were used in its construction; the inner structure is constructed of six-hundred tons of steel braced frame construction, and a ten inch thick reinforced concrete wall encircles the structure to the full height of the outtermost “stone” walls.

  • It can easily withstand the 110 miles per hour design wind speeds in Central Florida with a great deal of strength in reserve.

  • Cinderella Castle is also surrounded by a moat, which contains approximately 3.37 million gallons of water; however, unlike the drawbridge at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, Cinderella Castle can not raise its drawbridge.

  • There are a total of 27 towers on the castle, each numbered 1-29-- tower numbers 13 and 17 were deleted before consturction when it was realized that they could not really be seen from anywhere in the park, due mainly to the other Fantasyland buildings.

  • There are three elevators inside the castle. One is for guest use and goes between the lobby of Cinderella’s Royal table, and the second floor where the restaurant is. The second is for restauant staff use, and is located in tower 2 to the left of the drawbridge.

(all facts taken from wikipedia.org)


I definitely think the WDW castle is the most beautiful castle of all. :wub:


Option #3, Tokyo Disneyland, Cinderella Castle which opened in 1983.

Some facts:

  • The icon of Tokyo Disneyland, Cinderella Castle is identical to its counterpart at Walt Disney World in Florida.

  • from 1986-2006, “Cinderella’s Mystery Castle Tour” was a popular attraction featured within the castle.

  • In June 2006, the castle was repainted, to differentiate it from Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. The castle now has gold trimmings, the rooftops have been painted a different shade of blue, and the white stone of the turrets now has a tan/dirty-pink colour.


Option #4: Disneyland Paris, Sleeping Beauty Castle. Opened April 1992.

Some facts:

  • the official name is Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, essentially Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

  • The castle was built in a much more fairy tale-inspired style than the first Sleeping Beauty Castle to appeal to Europeans, for whom castles are a more regular sight.

  • Though smaller than Cinderella Castle, it is regarded as the most visually stunning of all the Disney castles. The castle was completed in 1992. It was decorated for the 5th anniversary of the park, and was turned into a giant jester’s hat.

  • The castle is home to an Audio-Animatronic dragon, which at 27 meters from head to tail was the largest Animatronic figure ever built when the park opened in April of 1992.

  • The building also features a gallery of displays which illustrate the story of Sleeping Beauty in tapestries, stained glass windows and figures, a shop selling Christmas ornaments year-round and another shop specialising in handmade glass figures.

  • As Charles Perrault had not detailed the castle in his 1697 fairy tale, Imagineering had few restrictions regarding its physical appearance. However, Walt Disney Pictures’ own 1959 film Sleeping Beauty provided the inspiration for, among other things, Le Château’s surrounding square trees.

  • References to French architectural traditions include several fleurs-de-lis incorporated into goldleaf filigree.


Option #5 is Hong Kong Disneyland castle, Sleeping Beauty Castle. Opened September 2005.

Some facts:

  • September 23, 2004, a special castle “topping ceremony” was held in the park to commemorate the placing of the tallest turret of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

  • Its design is exactly the same as the original Disneyland castle, right down to the colours used when the original opened in 1955.


i voted on Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Cinderella’s castle(1971) this is so cool and awsome.


I voted for DL Paris because I think it is the most beautiful of all the castles. It just has such a great look and the landscaping is gorgeous.

That said, the original DL castle will always be my favorite just 'cause. :wub:


Funny, I voted the exact same way b/c I am just IN LOVE with Sleeping Beauty Castle in DL Paris, especially the “square” trees.:wub:

But just like you said, my favorite will always be the one I grew up with… Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle. Well Twist said DL’s but you know what I mean we both voted Paris but our favroites will always be the ones we grew up with… ok, nevermind. hehe. :huh: :blink:


WOW-I really think it is a toss-up between WDW Cinderella’s Castle and DL Paris-they are both so beautiful:wub: -I can’t decide!!


I voted for the castle in Paris! It’s beautiful!!! The landscaping makes so much difference and I love how it’s set into a hill!


I thought DL Paris had Belle’s Castle!!! That shows how much I know…seems like it should be, though…being in France and all!


I like the WDw one…just like it. No real reason other than it makes my eyes tear and instantly makes me feel 7 years old. I haven’t experienced the other ones up close and personal, so my opinion is a bit biased. You really can’t get a feel for them by picutres alone IMHO. I don’t intend to travel to another Disney park, so cindy’s will have to just be my favorite…lol


DL Paris’ Castle is just beautiful! The way it is set into the slope of the hill…I love it! Cindy’s Castle in WDW is my favorite, though because it just says home to me.:wub: :wub: :wub:


I voted Paris.

While I love the WDW castle, I had never even seen the Paris one. It’s beautiful!


I voted for the DL castle. As a child it was the first and really only castle I knew or had seen in the real world. I still love it to this day! The wikipedia says the drawbridge is “rarely” used. According to a CM I was chatting with on my last trip before the fireworks show, the drawbridge has only been used (raised and then lowered) two times. Once on opening day of the park in 1955 and once when Queen Elizabeth visited the park.


Wow. DL Paris castle is just amazing…tough to beat that one.

I felt like when I saw the WDW castle - it’s just striking…so gorgeous.

I would love to see them all! :wub:

Great thread, Wishter!


how could you not think this one to be the best???


I just think Paris’ castle is the most fairy-tale-ish. I love it.