Disney catalog


Anyone else hear that the Disney catalog is no longer being sent out? I hadn’t received one in quite a while and saw somewhere today that they have done away with the catalog. What a bummer! I always looked forward to getting a new one in the mail. First the Disney magazine, now the catalog. What next?


Say it isn’t so! I love getting my Disney fix in the mail. I got one a few weeks ago but I think I threw it in the trash since another one always comes a few weeks later. This stinks!


Afraid the news is true! They are doing away with the catalog, and just focusing on internet sales! It’s a shame, because I used to love going in the Disney Store and walking out with a catalog full of exclusives and cool stuff!


This is sad news. :crying: I love that catalog!


Wow, that stinks!!


I’m not really sure when the final edition of the catalog is out, but if I can get to the Disney Store this week, I’ll ask them! I’ll be sure and let everyone know right here!


That stinks. I enjoy looking through it each time it comes. That is what usually gets me to the website where I usually find even more stuff “I can’t live without.”


I wish that Disney would have, at the very least, conducted a survey to see if people were still interested in, and still using the catalog! That would have been nice.


Yeah…I haven’t got one in a while. :sad:


I heard this too and I really liked my catalogs. :frown:


I got one in May before our trip but I think I tossed it because we were going to WDW and I knew another would come in a month or so.


That stinks, my husband and I always have such a great time looking at that catalogue. We have ordered quite a few things from there. I am sorry to see it is no longer in existance!


That just stinks !! I haven’t gotten one in awhile. I guess that explains why. I loved getting it in the mail. It is so much fun to look at!


I have to admit, I always order off the website too. However, opening up that catalog is usually what entices me to go to the website!


I will truly miss the catalog. I loved looking through it over and over again until i talked myself into ordering something. :mickey: