Disney Chanel series from 90's about 2 girls


Does anyone remember the Disney show from the early/mid 90’s about 2 middle-school aged girls- one was a blonde named Amanda and the other was a Jewish girl with black curly hair, I think named Izzy or somehting?

It is driving me nuts that I can’t remember the name or find anything online about it!!!

I can’t remember really anything particular about it- just their daily lives, and the fact that IT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW!!


Wasn’t it called “Ready or Not?” Something to that effect? I remember what you are talking about but I was too obsessed with the new Mickey Mouse Club back then on the Disney Channel to care. :laugh:

Wasn’t it a non-American show though? I only remember seeing like a couple episodes of it & then never again. Maybe it had a longer run in another country?


Don’t know if this is it or not, but…

“Ready or Not” (1993)

I’m assuming since the characters are named Amanda and Busy, it’s gotta be the one, right?


Yes it was for sure “Ready or Not” it still runs here in Canada. I think it was a Canadian show