Disney Channel going High-Def?


Rachel was watching Wendy Wu on the big screen when my dad asked me when Disney Channel is going to go high-def.

Anyone have any ideas? Has Disney even considered it? (I’ve noticed their movies going Blu-Ray, now.)

With Disney Channel being so successful at the moment, it would probably be a good idea. I know we would use it…

Think there is a possibility of getting a high definition Disney Channel in the future?


Soon very soon. :smile:

Only info I see is “Early 2008” which could be from now until June. :smile:

It was shown, at one time, that it was going to be on DirecTv by the end of 2007 but that did not happen. :sad:

Toon Disney HD will be coming soon as well.:smile:

Found this. DIRECTV Disney Channel HD

In early 2008, DIRECTV will launch Disney Channel HD, a simulcast of Disney Channel featuring the channel’s blockbuster Disney Channel Original Movies in high-definition as well as original live action and animated series for older kids and Playhouse Disney programming for preschoolers.


Here is the info from the DirecTV site.

DIRECTV: Superior HD Programming - All HD Channels

“Coming this Fall and Winter” …Winter ends this year on March 20th.:smile:


No if only they would create a Classic Disney Channel…I just can’t watch DC anymore.

(it makes me sad they sit on so much great content…decades of it folks…decades!

Maybe I should write them and see if they would hire me to head up the Disney Channel Classic? and I promise it would never go HD :laugh: )


Me too! The DC could be so good but now it’s just junk.

Anyone remember Inside out? That was a great show.


hmm… I remember Even Stevens, The Famous Jet Jackson, The Babysitter’s Club, The Jersey, So Weird, that show with the guy and girl that were neighbors and talked to each other using can walkie-talkies, and that Alice in Wonderland show where the queen drove a golf cart with little red die hanging from the rearview mirror (I loved that show)…

I was never the TV-watcher. Rachel always picked the channels. Still does. She likes Disney Channel, ABC Family, and MTV… bit of contrast there, eh?


I am sure that they are investing in the Technology. It is not far away. I’m sure it will happen in the next year or so.


Updated info:

Starting Wednesday 4/2/2008 on DirecTV. :smile:

Disney Channel HD
Toon Disney HD


All 3 now on DirecTV in HD. Started this morning.:smile:


Woohoo! Bout to go check that out…


OMG! I used to love that show!


I read a rumor on another board that there might be a “Classic Disney Channel” coming soon . . . we all the old movies, shows, MMC, etc!

My new car has Syrus TV and the Disney Channel is on there, along with Nick and the Cartoon Network . . . too cool, the kids :heart: :heart: it!