Disney Channel stars ever appear at WDW?


Anyone know if there is a way to find out if Disney channel stars will be at WDW? I see shows all the time that Zack and Cody, Raven, Corbin ect were there…

Anyway to find out ahead of time? DD is a tween that is crazy about a few of them…:O)



I do know that some of the Disney channel stars come to WDW to do the “Disney Channel Games”. I think that was in April this year.


Those stars are always coming through. Just never know when. So far I’ve met Zack and Cody, watched Raven perform, and entertained some of the kids from High School Musical. Here’s to many others coming through.


Oh my gosh,
DD would Flip if she saw Zack/Cody or Corbin! Actually, any of them! I LOVE Raven myself… she is a HOOT to watch!

I was hoping there was a schedule somewhere. Maybe one of our Mousebuzz “secret informants” knew LOL! I suppose there would be mobs of kids if there was a public list!

HSM is really fun to watch but she was a bit disapointed that the “real” characters were not in it!

If anyone hears any upcoming events, please post or PM me- we will be there the second week of January, 2008.
Thanks so much!