Disney Checks


I’m so excited, I got my new Disney checks today! Here they are:



thye are SO cute steph!


Cool checks!


Thanks, Dana. I didn’t even know I could get checks through Sam’s until about 2 months ago. I finally ordered them about a week ago and they are even better looking in person than online.


Here is another set of Disney checks:



The second set is cute, but I like the first one better I think. I rarely write checks or I would get them for me too…lol


I like both sets! It might be fun to have Buzz though. I need to order new checks anyway, the bank spelled my name wrong. I didn’t know Sam’s had checks.


Ooohh, this is good. I just opened up my last set of checks the other day.

Is this all they have, or would the selection vary by store? I’ve been looking at those ones with the castles on them for a while. (Not from Sam’s) And some Hello Kitty ones.

But those are very cute!!!


There’s also a Pooh set. I think you can only get them by phone or on line but I didn’t try our store.



Do you have to be a sams club member to order these online or can anyone get them? Right now I have Winnie the Pooh checks from checksinthemail.com. but I like these.


I don’t know–I don’t remember have to get out my Sam’s card and enter my membership number so maybe not.


You beat me to the question!

Steph, the checks are great!! I wonder if they are available anywhere else. Current, maybe? We’re getting down to our last ones, too.

*off to do a check search . . . *


Cutie cute!!! I’m due to order some new checks and I was thinking about Disney ones too… :slight_smile:


They are also available through Walmart.



Nice checks! My mom has checks with the Matterhorn and SBC on them, those are awesome. I love the character ones you got! When I turn 18 here in about 5-6 months Im going to be getting new checks that are going to be DLR related/have Disney characters on them, but for now Im just sticking with my free EECU checks.


I have Disney checks through Designer Checks, but I like these better. I guess I know where I will be getting my next set of checks! LOL


I will be checking into those walmart checks when we need to order again. I let my sam’s club membership expire, we just didn’t use it. :mickey:


Cute! We just got the Disney Visa application done so maybe in the future we can get checks too.


Those are really cute!
I love the Minnie ones. :happy:


Makes me wish I still wrote checks!