Disney Christmas Crafts?


Im looking for ideas for Disney Christmas crafts for my preschool aged children. Does anyone have any suggestions of ones that they’ve done in the past or seen? It would have to be crafts that children aged 3-5 could accomplish with my help of course:tinytree: Pics would be awesome .

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Hi! Here is a link to a website that you may find helpful. I work for a youth development agency, and I get tons of ideas from here. Good Luck!!
DLTK’s Holiday Crafts and Activities


When I was in pre-school I made an clove ornament. It was a small styrofoam ball with whole cloves poked in it. I am 41 and is the only childhood ornament that is still with me today. :heart: I have seen people do this will oranges also for the short term.


Preschool arts and crafts… something Im always looking for ideas for. My girls are 2 and 3 heres some of the stuff we have done/plan to do this year.
If you want it Disney like you could cut wreaths out the shape of mickeys head and glue paper, glitter, beads etc onto them. Then hang them with a ribbon… Also do mickey head ornaments, take pictures of each child and then put the picture in the ornament. All you would need for that is construction paper, scissors (if you let them use scissors, my girls have/has used them since around 2 but I know most people aren’t comfortable with young children and scissors), glue, paint, glitter and any other art supplies, also some ribbon for hanging.
Mickey santa ears wouldn’t be to hard to do, just some black felt made into ears, red felt made into a hat with a white pom pom on top, then glue them onto a plastic headband.
My girls have enjoyed doing life sized snowmen, have them lay on a piece of paper and make snowmen out of them (one ball is the legs, one the body, one the head slightly exaggerated) then allow them to color and cut them out. Snowflakes is a big hit, Christmas paper garlands are a lot of fun but a lot of work. They’ve made popcorn garlands as well, tons of different printable arts Ive found off the net, popsickle nativities, nativities out of cardboard/construction paper, stockings that they have filled with bags of cookies/candies and handed out to our neighbors and people that work with DH. They love doing puffy Christmas trees, mix equal parts glue and shaving cream, color with food dye then let them paint a precut out Christmas tree (I use cardboard or poster board, construction paper isn’t strong enough) then decorate with glitter… If you want to get really creative then you can make “ornaments” the same way and decorate the tree.

Im sure theres more but the girls are jumping up and down waiting for me to help them chooses dresses out for church so I better go get them dressed.


WishIWasThere tyvm this is exactly the kind of crafts I was looking for. We are going to try to create Mickey wreaths today:heart:.