Disney CMs now allowed facial hair


Beards and goatees now allowed in ‘Disney Look’ for theme park cast members, Casual Fridays added | Inside the Magic

Male Disney CMs are now allowed to sport facial hair up to 1/4" in length.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. In all honesty, I’ve never really paid attention to the fact that Disney CMs don’t have facial hair. However, I’m personally not a big fan of the “scruffy” look (or facial hair in general, really). I like a clean-shaven man! :laugh:

I also thought it was funny that it says that the beard/goatee must be “fully grown in.” :laugh:


ewwww… Not a fan. Personal preference, however- even though some men can be very neat and clean. I just don’t think it goes with the Disney look. Oh well, we shall see.


It seems like a funny contradiction that it must be no longer than 1/4", but also “fully grown in”. DH had to deal with similar facial hair requirements at a previous job, and it seemed as though he could never get it “just right”! Someone was always complaining that he violated either requirement. He eventually gave up. :laugh:

Ah well, I think some men look very nice with facial hair, so as long as they are well groomed, I’m sure it will fit in with the Disney Look just fine!


Gotta keep it groomed. I hate seeing other guys with beards that are 274 different legnths. Long beards are not for me, but one of our friends has a longer beard and he is always trimming it so it looks really good.


I have to say I really never paid attention. It’s not something that would offend of not offend me. It’s “whatever”! Hooray for the face hair lover cast members!:laugh:


They mention the goatee… but are there rules again stupid facial hair? Because some of the stuff I see… even well-trimmed… is just stupid.


I’m sure there will be some rules.


Next will be Disney redneck employees…


I wonder what made them change their mind, after all these years of it not being allowed. I don’t recall any lawsuits, or write ups about it wanting to be changed. Not sure if I like it or not. I guess I’m not one for change when things were working just fine the way it was. We’ll see if I even notice the facial hair anywhere on our next trip.


This was a change to the Disney Look that I guess has been a long time coming! I know it’s always been a big deal amongst the male employees to have a clean shaven apperance, and I must admit, I do like it! I’d like to know what made then change their mind on this rule! Some sort of unknown ructions with CM’s and Disney? Would be interesting to find out!