Disney Collectible Question


When I inherited my Grandmothers dining room set I also inherited all her junk inside the drawers.

Well it wasn’t all junk there was a really neat glass dish in there. I don’t have a photo of it now I will post one later but I have a question. There isn’t a year stamp on it but from my memories my Grandmother didn’t go to Disney in the 90’s so I’m assuming the piece is from the 80’s. At least 20 years old.

Here’s what it looks like. It’s more or less like a candy dish and the sides come up and are in a wavy type pattern. It’s from the Magic Kingdom and it has pictures of various things throughout the park (IASW, Monorail, Castle, Main Street, City Hall). The colors are blue, black and an obnoxious silvery flair. I’m sure it was all the rage in the 80’s but not so much today.

So I guess what my question is, how can I find out its worth? Is there like a Disney Collectibles website I can visit?

Thanks in advance for any type of help.


Is it this? If it is there are a bunch on ebay. Search Magic Kingdom dish.


Most are in the $5.99 range for the buy it now option.


OMG You’re so totally cool in my book. That’s the dish! You rock my world!


Thread over unamadreditre is the hero. LOL


$5.99 is that all? I bet someone pd alot for it. Cool dish


I was kind of thinking the same thing myself, I mean it is 30 years old.


It is cool - very retro. I like it! :happy:


Yeah, it looks like it would be worth a lot more than five bucks!


LOL, I have the same dish, still in the box exactly like the one in the picture! I came across it at a local resale shop a few years back and thought it was really cool and that it might be worth something someday. It’s tucked away in my china cabinet. Thanks for reminding me!


Its a very nice looking dish, Id probably keep hold of it for a while longer, maybe it will be worth a little more someday!