Disney collection on eBay


There’s an interesting story in the Orlando paper about a guy trying to sell his 12,000-piece Disney collection on eBay. Asking price: $399,000. I searched both current and completed auctions on eBay but couldn’t find it.


From what the article says he withdrew the auction which is why you probably didn’t see it. Sounds like he is talking privately with a couple of people…1500 square feet…whew! That’s alot of Mickey!!


I would just like to SEE it…too bad he doesn’t have a website or something.

I bet he’s got some cool stuff.


The article isn’t clear about whether he cancelled the auction or the auction ran its course and didn’t meet the reserve price – in which case it would have shown up as a completed auction. At any rate, if he were to sell the collection at the $399,000 asking price it would cost him approximately $6,000 in eBay auction fees.


All I can think of is $$$$$$$$! But I would love to check out his ebay site! Wow! And I always wondered if there is a 100% complete collection of pins somewhere… maybe at the official Disney pin office, or something!


My brother-in-law sent me the link to that listing a few days ago. I’ll check & see if I still have it. The picture was unreal! I’ve never seen so much Disney stuff in my life! I told him I’d have to get rid of a kid or two to make room for that collection at my house! :tongue:


O.K., I found it. Eat your hearts out!!!



I would love to see ALL of them in one place–that would be cool!


Yeah, I checked that out a few days ago. Even I don’t want that much Mickey stuff! It’s too bad he doesn’t want to mess with it anymore- he’d probably make a lot more money selling it piece by piece.


OMG!!! :eek: That is AMAZING!!! What a FUN room!!


THANKS SO MUCH! Actually I saw this collection on TV once!!! They were showing collections across the U.S.! I so wish I could be that person :angel:. This has now motivated me to take my Mickey collection to a whole new level! I’m going to go buy some bookcases and start it I’ll check back with updates in a month :tongue:


Heavens to mergatroid!! I’d rather buy a HOUSE with all that money!?! I wish we had pictures!


Wow! You only need a month?? Haha! That collection is so cool! It looks like it didn’t sell so maybe we still have a shot at it?? :tongue:


Heheh OK my goal is 1 month to get atleast 500 things that are Mickey! And I think someone should buy a house then we all pitch in for the collection and put it in the house and name it DC museum :wink:. Let’s have a fundraiser! Whoope :tongue:


Okay, hmmm, I wonder how many of our friends and families that think we are nuts anyway because we love Disney so much will help our cause? :tongue:


Hehe we DCers have very crazy minds. And I’m afraid to think of what people would pitch in for ideas of kinds of fundraisers to do :tongue:


He listed shipping at $2,000! Wow, that was one big auction.


Thats pretty amazing!


I saw that auction a few days ago, when it was first put online.

I’m sorry, and I know I’ll get smacked for this, but that’s ridiculous. Why on earth do you need, or would want all those Mickey stuffies? Especially when 3/4 of them look exactly the same! I’d take the cabinetry, but donate everything else. Get a new religion.


smack…smack…lol…really i thought i had a big collection, i really like the cabinets too, realy though how could you not get a smile on your face walking thru there everyday, guess were all different…but thats a good thing :)…