Disney Countdown Clock


I have been looking forever for a Disney themed countdown clock to put in our living room so that I can watch our trips get closer when I am not on MB. I just couldn’t find one. I found others but at $25 plus shipping they always seemed a bit much for something that I was going to have to adapt with Disney stickers anyway.

So here is what I did (and I am so proud). :laugh: I actually bought an old 2000 Millennium countdown clock off of EBAY for $6 (including shipping) and I used my DW’s scrap booking stuff to make it a Disney Countdown clock. The only engineering wrinkle is that I have to back calculate the time till my next trip since it ends on Jan 1, 12:00AM 2000. I am so proud!:cool:

Take a look:


Very cool . . . you should figure out a way to market them . . . I’m sure lots would buy!! GREAT JOB!!! :wub:


That is so cute. Good job, what did the wife say?


Great idea… inventive!!


I love that!! It is soooo cute! My kids would love to have a WDW countdown clock. Now I’m going to be on the hunt. I know that sometimes you can get countdown clocks for retirement . . . then I could make my own!:happy:


I love it!!!


DW thinks I’m nuts but that goes way beyond Disney. My one son just saw it and told me “you have finally lost it”. Where is the love???:laugh: