Disney Countdown


When everyone puts in their countdown. Do you?

  1. Put in when you leave home
  2. Arrive in Orlando
  3. Arrive at your resort
  4. Etc.


I use the moment that I plan on leaving the house, whether it’s to drive to the airport to fly to Orlando, or get in the car to drive to Anaheim. :happy:

It feels like vacation has truly started that moment when you close and lock the front door of the house behind you!


I try to guess when we’ll leave the house, that’s when I feel like our vacation starts.


I take into account driving time - I set it for when we plan to cross under the Disney arch! (Approximately. :laugh:)


I set it for the date hour second :laugh: I’m due to leave! If my bags are in the car and I’m driving, then I am GOING to Disney! :happy:


I agree! I set it for the time that we need to leave the house for the airport.


mine is arrival since 15 hours in a car with 3 kids really isn’t much of a vacation:eek:


I set mine for the time that we are going to be on the road getting ready to start the drive down. I feel like this starts the beginning of our vacation.


DITTO! ('cept 2 kids, both tweens!)


I set mine at flight departure.


I would set mine to when we leave the house to the airport, even though the moment I wake I “am goin’ to Disney”!! But …boo…hoo…I sadly still need quite a bit more posting to get to 100 for my counter…


I set it for the time I think I am going to leave… Since we can never really predict when we are leaving that day. This year, we went (fam of 4 ) with the grandparents… So that added 2 more. We took 2 cars. Well, my husband had a crazy thing come up at work, and he could not leave… So we waited around for him for about 4 hours before he told us to leave without him, and he would catch up later…
Well, we left 4 hours later, and we got to the hotel about 9pm… He got to the hotel at about 3am… Poor thing he was exhausted! Had a great vacation though, once we all got rested!!!


I’m still a few away from having mine post!!


when i leave


It gets worse… You also have to be a member for 3 months…


mine is set for flight departure since I run notoriously late, if I set it for the time we leave the house I would be way off, lol


how do you put the countdown in your posts?


[QUOTE=nubeanie;991632]how do you put the countdown in your posts?[/QUOTE]Welcome to MB :smile:
You have to be a member of MB for 3 months and you need 100 points


I set mine for the time of my flight out.


Flight time. Usually catch the evening flight into MCO. Should put it at wake up time since I’m not worth much at work that day.