Disney Crazy


Ok, Im just so excited!! We just scheduled and finalized our trip to WDW at the Poly. So far I have watched every classic Disney Movie I could find, with my family. I also went kind of crazy at the Disney Store. :blush: After buying about $300 worth of Disney Dollars (Plus, I found Five dollars left from my trip two years ago. That makes a total of 305 Disney$ :laugh: ) I also got Christmas presents for my family (Buying Chrstmas presents early when you have the money to buy them, saves you a lot more money for WDW when you’re going in January.) I’m just going Disney crazy!:blink: :laugh: And as a bonus, the Disney planning video I ordered arrived and I’ve watched it twice! I almost cried when my “You’re Going to Disney World” letter came yesterday. Oh, I’m just bubbling over with excitement! I don’t even know what I’ll do for the next three and a half months. :laugh: :laugh: :happy:


I love going disney crazy. Sounds like you are having fun with it…lol Good idea buying the gifts now for Christmas. that’s exactly how I did my shopping the two years I went to WDW in January. I was done long before December…lol Have fun planning!


I know exactly how you feel. It seems I spend more and more time at the disney store. Each time I leave that store, I get more excited about our upcoming trip. Although my DH hates seeing the bills. But oh well, you only live once.


:laugh: :laugh: I see I’m not the only Disney Maniac! And yes, I love it!:laugh:


I am going disney crazy too I am sooooo excited for our trip in January! WHen are you going to be there?


You can’t beat going Disney Crazy! Have fun with your planning and staying at the Polynesian; I just love that resort!


And here I was feeling silly for wanting to head to the Disney Store tonight. I’m perfectly normal!!!


I have been Disney crazy all my life, long before my first trip …and yes QuietMBR you are perfectly normal.
No one steps in to my home with out finding out just how crazy I am when it comes to Disney.
and until your trip comes … all you need to do is keep posting :slight_smile:


Isn’t the craziness wonderful though? Even though sometimes it makes being productive near impossible!


i am happy for you and your upcoming trip!! i don’t have a trip planned…:crying: i wish i did, don’t know when i’ll be able to make it. i was hoping for my wedding anniversary at the end of october, don’t think that’s going to happen. so, i’m glad there are disney stores to go to for a fix. just last week i bought a stuffed nemo from the disney store and then that wasn’t good enough, so i went to sears and bought a new tinkerbell pillowcase, to have and extra one to switch off to, lol. yes, i am a 38 year old child :blush:, but i don’t want to grow up… how boring that would be!!