Disney Crocs


I just got my order in today!!! YEAH!!! I ordered a pretty pink/lavender for me, DH picked out the PotC, and DD13 picked out croclings, which made me happy, they will stay on her feet lol. I am wearing them now. Feeling a little anxious for Disney. Can’t wait!!!


Nice!! I have the black w/red ones.


Have you worn them in Disney? How are they for all the walking? This is my first pair.


Oh, cool! I have the pink/lavender ones! Hope you like them!


So far I love them! I am wearing them as I make dinner! LOL


Yes, I wear them to Disney. I have no problem walking in them.


Thanks 2nd star!


I have a black pair I wear every now and then at the bakery (their very comfy when you stay on your feet for 8-12 hours at a time!), I like em!


I love my crocs. I wear them all the time at work.


Thank you to all, you have been very helpful!


Ok I just had to say thanks again, because it will put me at 100 posts!!!


I love my Disney crocs!:laugh: I have the black and red ones. It sure made it more bearable to stand in the long lines over the New Year holiday. They sure saved my feet. I love them.:wub:


If you don’t mind me asking, where do you order them from? And how long do they take to come in? THanks!!


I ordered them directly for Crocs.com. I ordered them on Jan 26th., they shipped out on the 28th. I recieved them yesterday Feb. 5th. I had free shipping, so they were shipped standard USPS. Hope that helps.


I am going to buy some Crocs before my next Disney trip. Although, I don’t particularly like the regular Crocs design.

I tried on the Malindi design and OMG my feet were in heaven! I’m at least buying a pair of those, and maybe a pair of the Mary Janes. The Croc stand at a local mall here had TONS of Disney jibbits too. It really got me in the Disney mood when I looked last week.


We don’t have a local crocs store, I searched and searched lol. I have to say I think Crocs are ugly. On our last trip, I was so sick of everyone wearing them. But I wanted a comfortable shoe and one that if it gets wet will dry quickly. I didn’t want my family walking around in wet sneakers and socks all day and getting blisters. The Disney crocs have Mickey heads instead of the holes, so the jizbitz wont stay =( but my DD13 got croclings, and she is already planning on getting some nice jizbitz with her allowance.


HaHa! :laugh: Congratulations on the post!!
I don’t have a pair of crocs for myself, but my kids all have a pair and I love them for days at the parks that are a bit rainy or wet or if you plan on riding some of the “wet” rides, because they dry instantly and you don’t have to worry about tracking around in wet runners!


I have several pairs of Crocs and I enjoy them for the parks. My favorite pair to wear are the Celeste. The don’t have holes for Jibbitz, but are so comfy and stylish.


ooooooh… those are cute! I could wear them to work!


I just saw that they have Disney Mary Janes. I am going to get a pair. Just not sure which color yet. :happy: