Disney Cruise Best Bar?


going on the cruise in october… any opinions on the best bars on the ship?


c’mon! i know a few of you have done the cruise!


I can’t help WGJ as I have never done a cruise and will be keen to hear what you think when you come back.


haha, I dont know why, but I read this post as ‘Disney Jungle Cruise Beast Bar’ hahaha. And I thought it was going to be like they were opening a tropical fruit smoothie station or something along those lines outfront the JC. (much like Dole Whip cart) hahaha. I was confused. :blush:


sounds like someone just got home from a different bar…


:laugh::laugh::laugh: Stacey, care to comment?:laugh:


Usually the Rockin’D bar on the Disney Magic is where most of the night activities are. There is a sports bar and a piano bar as well.


awsome thanks for the heads up


bwwaaaahahaha!!! :laugh:
That would be awesome!!! I would love to visit the Beast Bar for a smoothie before I set sail cruising the jungle!!


I have only been on the Wonder twice, but I would say, anywhere that the drinks are flowing. They have a bunch of little spots on rt 66, I think that is what it is called. I liked the pool bars too.


sweeeet. sip sip



Are you cruising on the Disney Magic or Wonder? We have only been on the Magic and are actually cruising again on 10/30. That would be fun if we were on the same boat together!