Disney Cruise Line - Kids Sail Free


Disney Cruise Line has released a special Kids Sail Free discount for limited Northern European Disney Cruises during the summer of 2010.

The Northern European Disney Cruises are 12 night cruises, sailing from Dover, England, and include in ports of call such as Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Petersburg and Stockholm. Available cruise dates are June 12, 2010 (includes Helsinki, Finland) and June 24, 2010 (includes Tallin, Estonia).

Contact our sponsor, Mouseketrips, if you are interested in taking advantage of this fantastic deal.


I need help, as soon as I see Disney and kids sail free I lost my mind. We took advantage of the kids sail free in Feb 2010. I want to go back on board :crying:


WOW…excellent deal. Can’t beat free for kids. I hope someone on here gets to take advantage of that deal.