Disney Cruise Line New Ships


Anyone know of information on the two new ships Disney is building (Dream and Fantasy)? Just wanted to see if they are same size or bigger than Magic and Wonder. Any improvements?


I know they are bigger and if I recall the improvements are being kept as somewhat of a surprise at this point. I am sure it will leak out sooner or later.


I heard that they will be twice the size of the current ships. They’re expanding Castaway Cay, so I’m guessing that they’ll have a lot more guests to bring in. This could possibly help reduce cost (or… increase it :laugh:).


The will be bigger. Many more cabins, more guest. More money for DCL. :laugh:

The Wonder will be sent to the west coast and will run out of LA. My guess is that they will run Mexico in winter months and Alaska during summer.


Thanks yall for the information. Can’t wait to cruise on the new ships!!!