Disney Cruise Photo Pass


Do they have the Photo Pass on the cruise ships?

If not, does anyone know if they are planning to?


No they don’t. I don’t know if they are going to or not.


They don’t do Photo Pass on the Disney ships, but all the pictures that the photographers take of you and your party end up in “Shutters” every night so you can view/purchase them! You set up a photo folder on your first day, we set up ours before we even left Port Canaveral! They offer photo packages, or you can buy them individually!

Hope this helps! :mickey:


One thing they may not tell you about the packages is you can purchase a package at the beginning of your cruise and if you do not use up all the pictures in the package, you can get a refund on unused pictures by bringing your punch card to the cashier at Shutters.


I went on a Disney Cruise waaaaaay back in 1998 and I remember the scramble at Shutters to find our pictures. The “Photo Folder” sounds like it makes it much easier! Does anyone know what the Photo packages run?


I wish I could remember! I’ll try to find out and post the info here!


I found this:


I hope it helps!


It seems like we did a package for 5 8x10 for $80? I can’t remember.
I never had any problems with the Shutter situation. I had read in the Passporter to check keep up with your pictures by going there during the week. I pre-paid and they just picked up as I wanted. Someone else also suggested moving all your pictures behind one when you find them.


Thank you!