Disney Cruise questions, Part Deux


I know my last “I have some Disney Cruise questions” thread got a little off track talking about jewels & such :laugh: but I’ve come up with another batch of questions that I am sure many of you helpful seafaring Disney maties can help with, so here it goes:

  • When you buy “extras” on-board; like alcohol in the lounges, spa treatments, ice cream, booking excursions on board, shopping, etc… do you use cash for all this or do you have like a room swipe card with a pin number & pay at the end? If so, what exactly do you need cash for?

  • If you have an earlier flight out of Orlando can you request to be in the first group off the boat?

  • When it’s time to book Palo how do I know which night to book so I don’t miss our night at Animator’s Palette (with the full color show)? Does each cruise do different rotations? When I call to make that reservations will they be able to tell me which i’ll be missing.

  • Has anyone ever been on a cruise that included Easter Sunday? Do they have an Easter service or any special holiday activities on the boat?

  • What kind of shopping is on the Disney “Magic?”

I think that’s it for now. :happy:

  1. You just swipe with your Key To the World card which is your room key. They will take a credit card on your account for this. You don’t really need cash except for tipping room service and excursions where credit cards are not accepted.

  2. All you need to do to be one of the first off the boat is to be ready and stand and the exit. A line will form, but it moves fast.

  3. This is tricky I would suggest trying for Thursday night. No you won’t know your rotation until you get into the boat. I’ll give you more tips on this when it is closer to booking.

  4. No, I have not been. I am sure they will have something, though.

  5. The Magic has 2 shops. One is more of a Disney Store feel with lots of kids things. The other is more upscale with Disney items, plus fancy figurines, jewelry, gold by the inch, upscale Disney clothing for golf wear etc. Even though there are only 2 shops I spent lots of time there. There are cruise line only pins as well and limited edition cruise pins sold from a lobby kiosk every night. Pin trading with the officers, too.

Keep the questions coming!


Instead of leaving your luggage outside your stateroom on the last night roll it out yourself. That will save you a ton of time looking through the terminal for them. "Many bags look alike. :eek: PLUS you can leave at any time once the ship is cleared. Breakfast the last day will be express serve and they will get you in an out very quickly.

Also, consider booking Quicksilver for your transportation. MUCH easier having them waiting for you at the sidewalk than dealing with the bus transfer, and it’s REALLY not that much more expensive.


I never thought of taking out your own luggage. (I’m so obedient - if they say put your luggage outside the door I don’t even question it). But that makes a lot of sense! I think we’ll do that on our cruise!


I spoke to people on our NCL Cruise that took their own luggage and were among the first people off the ship. They ended up having to wait in a line for two hours, carrying all of their luggage the whole way! :eek:

Put your luggage outside your door and hire a porter once you get off the ship…chances are, they will have their own Customs Lines. That will save you a TON of time! We were whisked to the front of the Customs line, while the regular Customs line was a minimum of 1 hour long. :eek:


I had you pegged as a rebel.


Yikes! That is crazy! I have never had a big wait with Disney going through. Anyone else?


I never cruised Disney, so I have no clue! Just NCL, Carnival and Celebrity. Maybe Disney handles the crowds and Customs much better! :cool:


I also take my bags off and we never wait long…I have only been on RC and Carnival.


I hide it well. The whole obedience thing is just a ruse.:glare:


No. She must have that evil look. They made her wait in the LONG line so they could observe her more. :laugh:


I’ve cruised with RC in the past and have never had a long wait with the bags although I do remember having to lug the bags up and down a few escalators. Pretty precarious stuff!
We would have left our luggage outside our stateroom except my sister had a bad experience on a Carnival cruise where they lost all of her bags. They did reimburse her handsomely but all of her honeymoon pictures were inside. :sad:
If you choose to leave your luggage outside your stateroom, just make sure there isn’t anything inside them that you can’t live without. My MIL co-owns a travel agency specializing in cruises and she does insist that what happened to my sister is rare. If they misplace luggage, they usually find it again.


I hope these answers help.


I have a question to add if you don’t mind…
Are the shops on the ship “duty free” or just tax free? And how does the only being able to bring $800 worth of duty free stuff back home work?


Hey, I’ve gotta say the luggage question, is easy:huh: Let Them Take it and get a porter. The porters know the system, and you breeze right through the customs station and they take it right to the bus you need.
Then you’re free to stand in line and not have to wrestle your bags, carry-ons and duty free liquor, plus you can grab a quick bite to eat before you get off. Just remember NOT to pack all your clothes. I once had a table mate that showed up to breakfast in a t-shirt and kamono, he was from Cal. how was I supposed to know he usually didn’t dress that way:blush:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: