Disney Cruise Rumors for 2007


Mousesavers is reporting that Disney may soon be offering some special Cruises to Europe in 2007!

"No official announcement has been made about special itineraries, but there are strong rumors that DCL will be doing 10-night and 11-night Mediterranean itineraries in the summer. Rumored dates:

* 5/12/07-5/26/07- Repositioning cruise from Port Canaveral to Europe
* 5/26/07-8/18/07 - Alternating 10-night and 11-night cruises
* 8/18/07-9/1/07 - Repositioning cruise from Europe to Port Canaveral"

You can read more here: http://www.mousesavers.com/dcl2007.html#maydec07

This would be similar to the West Coast Cruises Disney did in 2005. Rumor has it that starting April 4, 2006, you will be able to book these cruises.


Oooh that sounds exciting! We’re thinking about taking a cruise later in the year!


SWEET!!! Sign me up!!! TWICE! :tongue:


that is SO awesome!!! To bad they’re late in the year so I won’t get my CM discount :tongue:
Thanks for the update Mickey, that rocks!


Oh, that would be amazing! It might actually make up my mind to take my first cruise!!!


WOW That is so awesome. DH and I were thinking about what we should do for our 5th anniv and we were leaning towards a disney cruise… Now Im thinking this would be a great anniv trip… I guess it depends upon how much it but if they let us know soon I could put a deposit on it and then have A LONG TIME to pay it off… :cool: