Disney Cruise ?'s


Hello All! I have been throwing the idea around about doing a cruise. I am just wondering how expensive they REALLY are…is it cheaper to do land only or is the cruise worth the money? When is the cheapest time to go?


It is definitely worth it. The best advice I can give is book as far in advance as possible. The price only goes up as it nears.


During school. September/October and February are probably your best bets for great rates.

It’s a pretty awesome cruise. Especially great for kids. The ship isn’t gigantic, and there are wonderful sources of G-rated entertainment, as well as Disney characters. I don’t think it’s any more expensive than any other cruise of the sort, actually.

As for the land/sea combo, I’m unsure. Play around with it, but it might be a better price to book WDW and DCL seperately…


It is good to go on Disney’s website and play around with different cruise reservations. You can get pricing there for all different times. The prices vary widely by catagory and how far out you book. You can also save over rates on the website by booking with a travel agent such as Mousketrips.


Good advice . . . I’m going to try and plan one . . . i so want to go on it!! Looks fabulous! :wub:


It is beyond even that. If you can go on a double-dip that stops twice at Castaway Cay, do it!


Do it!!!
We like the first week in Feb as the weathr is getting nice again- no hurricains and no crowds at the parks- its also the last week of value season.

Its not cheap and you could do other cruises for much less but there is nothing like the quality of service you get or the beauty of the ship- its luxury and high class all the way and if you have kids it is the most amazing trip!~


glad you ask this question because i am like you I would love to go on a cruise however i would have to take my kids with me and i have 3 which i have already figured out will be expensive. but if anyone has tips that will be great.


I have 3 kids also disneylovers5…and from what I looked at last with prices takes my breath away:eek: I could do 2 parks vacations versus 1 cruise so I really have to work the numbers to make it work AND convince DH!
I don’t know if I can afford a cruise next year so maybe I will start up 2 vacation funds one for next year and one for the cruise in a couple of years.


I have 4 kids-
the great thing about the cruise is that you can bring the kids to the activity centers and they will keep them so busy that you never hear from the kids. Its adult time all the time. They give you a beeper so that if you are needed you can be reached. As long as they are 3 and potty trained they will be able to do this program. And that is included in the cost of the cruise. ALL of your food is included in the price of the cruise- so there is nothing other that gratuity for the servers due once you are on the boat- for an additional $10 you can do the adult only dinner which rivals many 4 and 5 star restraunts that I have been to before. The shows are broadway quality and the accomodations are much larger than other ships. I love the boat much more than the parks since its relaxing for me and fun for the kids- Im about as frugal as it gets and I swear its worth the $$


Well I looked up several quotes and I am still amazed by the total amount of the cruise. I played with it as far as when to go and how many nights. I also played with the land/sea packages. The four night cruises are running me about 4000 bucks and the land and sea packages were about 7500 bucks:eek: That is some major money. I don’t know if I can convince DH to drop that kind of money on a 4 nighter let alone the land/sea package. Is that about the average for a family of 5 or is there better deals out there?


Well, to motivate yourself, go to expedia, and look at all of the other cruise line prices (excluding Carnival… that is not a family cruise). You’ll find that they are roughly the same. $4000 is actually a pretty good rate…


Not necessarily…I am party of a travel club that of course excludes Disney…I can get 7 or 8 night cruises just about any port except for New York for less than 600 bucks adult and less for my kids. The 4000 bucks is only for a 4 night cruise. I understand it is the Disney experience but that is ALOT of money…for a 7 night cruise equals about 2 1/2 full week land/park trips. I just don’t know if I can justify it.


Well, you left out the travel club part…

I have done one Disney cruise in my lifetime.

Four Royal Caribbean.

Honestly, I much prefer RC over DCL. The ships are bigger. On the Voyager-class, there is a rock wall, ice skating rink, inline skating, putt-putt, huge teen/kid hangouts with fun, structured programs, themed dining, and tons of entertainment.

Of course, Disney has a basketball court, movie theater, Disney characters, and Broadway-style performances every night.

But… other than that, the difference isn’t that spectacular. I’d recommend one Disney cruise in one’s lifetime, though. (Unless you only plan to take one cruise in your life… if that’s the case, then I would recommend an Alaskan cruise on Radiance of the Seas, hands down).

If you can’t justify it, then don’t take the trip. I wouldn’t suggest that anyone take a vacation that they weren’t completely comfortable with.

Just do WDW, and if you must take a cruise, then use your discounts! :laugh:


We did the land & Sea cruise and loved it. We took two teenage girls and they complained there wasn’t a lot for them to do. Food was great on the ship. We tried to do EVERYTHING offered. We wanted to try the short cruise first, now we are working toward the longer one. There is a whole section devoted to the kids. It’s well worth it. Give it a try if you can justify it.


Has anyone taken the Disney cruise with your honey? I’m talkin’ about your mate. Can a Disney cruise be romantic? What about being on deck at night, just watching the moon and stars? Is it quiet and romantic or boisterous and loud?