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I can log in easy and even make payments easy. I AM NOW closing in quick on paying this trip off, I see I cannot view MANY things until the trip is paid in full. What kind of things can I research and book once trip is paid in full


You can’t see anything until you are at 75 days prior to your trip.


DANG, but on the bright side, it will be paid in full before 75 days I HOPE…shooting for 100 days out PIF


you cant make reservations for excursions, spa and dining until paid and 75 days (generally.) Then you can do online check in etc.

You can check out the port adventures without being in your reservation. Just look at ports.


working on a fall cruise in 2014,want to get on the dream but having done the 4 night already I wish there were more options


5 night western caribbean out of Miami in fall? Oct - Dec 14.


yes I saw that one problem is we are going to FW and we need it to leave from port Canaveral…unfortuneately the Miami one would fit it is cheaper also but since we are flying into Orlando it was too much running around…great thought though I appreciate the effort