Disney Dates!


Okay, so I’ve never had a “long0term” relationship, because I’m too picky. I want a guy who is as obsessed with Disney as I am! (or at least half as obsessed) Don’t know if this exists anywhere…but if it doesn’t someone should start a website! Disney Dating! People who are obsessed with Disney can meet and chat and get to know each other. Somethign along the lines of lavalife or one of those other singles sites.


sign me up! Any Disney crazy men out there looking for a single mom of 5?!


wow! that was a long silence :blink: , I was only joking guys! :laugh:


haha, long silence is right! lol.
Yeah, not too many Disney obsessed guy out there I guess I’ll settle for my puppy named Lillian :slight_smile:


:laugh: I have puppies too! It is not really settling, its trading up! :laugh:


Don’t worry, Tessa! :biggrin: Sometimes you can’t FIND one already made, so you have to MAKE one! LOL Seriously…with my DH, I just slooooowly lured him over to the dark side…:tongue:…little by little…I talked about Disney incessantly, and practically beat him over the head with it.

Then I took him to Disneyland, and BAM! He was just as obsessed as me. 3 months later, we were getting married down there, and a few weeks after that we were WORKING there!! :laugh:


oooh! that is SUCh reassuring news! I know I’m young but boy would I ever like to be planning that Disney Dream Wedding :wub:


And can I just say the two of you are adorable! And my DH was also obsessed with Disney so what are the chances of finding another! :wink:


Oh, thank you! :eek: :blush:

Don’t give up, either of you. The funniest thing…I went through a horrible spell at one of my jobs, where I was surrounded by druggies hitting on me. I swore off of everything men from that point on, and purposely left that job to find another. My goal was to work my tail off at my new job, so that I could save up enough $$ to move to CA and work at DLR.

But apparently Someone Else had other plans. :laugh: I walked into my new job on my first day, oh-so-happily single and excited to be starting that “new chapter” in my life…first person I saw? Ryan. Everything I had so carefully planned out quickly came unraveled in a SNAP! We were married almost exactly one year later! :wub: LOL!!! :rolleyes:


sniff that is so sweet! What a dream come true sigh


See, if all of those druggie guys were not hitting on you, you may not have met Mr. Wonderful! :wacko:


LOL…it sounds like such a sappy exaggeration…it’s not I swear. :rolleyes:

pumouse, you’re right! It’s ironic…I would have gone in a COMPLETELY different direction if it weren’t for those druggies hitting on me at one of my jobs!!

There’s a million things that are ironic. Like the fact that when I met Ryan, the only reason he was living in Oregon (he’s from Alaska, where we are now) was because he had moved to Oregon to be with another girl! :laugh: So I didn’t even think he was a “possibility”…but the world is weird like that!


yes it is! But it really does turn out better sometimes than you think! :flowers:


Ain’t that the truth!!

So now that I’ve blabbed about my own little fairy tale enough…I guess what I’m saying is, don’t give up! :tongue:

(Or maybe, DO give up–since when I “gave up” is when I met Ryan?? LOL!)


haha thats what everyone tells me, as soon as you “give up” or just concentrate on something else it falls into your lap. Thing is it’s hard to make yourself give up if you’re not ready. It’ll all come in time I supose.


I was thinking about not dating! :laugh:


so, how long have you been married?


We’re just going on one year now…I’ve got a countdown to our anniversary in my signature. :happy: So all this stuff I’m talking about is waaaay recent. Haha.


:sleeping: ok girls it is 12:00 nearly, and I have to get up at 5:15 so it is bed time for me, but since I have not been here very long I would love to find out more about you, so I will be back on tomorrow and you can fill me in then, I am on off and on all day because I have no life, so I will talk to you then! :laugh:


oh duh, I see it now. You have to get up pretty late in the morning to pull one over on me! :laugh: