Disney defender


The other day when I was talking with my neighbors,the question came up …is why do I go to disney world as often as I do…I told them that it was a great place for families and friends,that it had great entertainment and relaxation …it was a great place to meet people from all over the WORLD literally and generally draws people that ARE FAMILY orienated.I the was confronted with …this barrage …they said that a couple of years ago that is something they might have been interested in,but since they now eat only fruits and vegetables and they would rather go to yosemitie or white river raft …well what does that mean that is notsomething I would or have not done…NO it was an attack on disney and all that diseny stands for…if you eat meat and entertain your self that way it was below them …I then asked if they had been to zion or the rockies or NEW england or illinois or well you get my drift …yes there is a lot to see and do …but I don’t rule other things out …it is like if you go toMCDONALDS you can’t go to yosemitie…Well I do a lot of things BUT DISNEY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES and will always BE


I think that a lot of folks here(if not all of us!) would say the same thing! Disney is one of my favorites, and will ALWAYS be! I work with people who constantly diss the mouse and they have NEVER even ben to WDW! :pinch:


You know, I have a lot of freinds who don’t like going to “theme parks” and that is fine for them. As long as they don’t insult our love for WDW (to our faces) I could care less. Obviously WDW is not a cheap vacation so I don’t know why it would be beneath some people! I have spent less going to islands and Mexico than going to WDW. It made me laugh to think of someone saying, “Now that we only eat fruits and vegetables we only like to white water raft and go to Yosemite” - ROFL - What the heck does that mean? They don’t have fruits and vegetables in Florida? :huh: :laugh:


I think waht it meant was …we have found a better PATH


Ohhhhhh - I guess they think WDW is a place for sin and over indulgence. :huh:


I feel sorry for people who never, ever find the same paradise that we have all found! It’s their loss.

We go to lots of other places. We enjoy good islands, ski resorts, etc… we make the rounds. But NOTHING is ever as satisfyling for us as a family than to go to WDW!


Some people get it…some don’t!
There’s nothing wrong with widening your horizons to experience as much of life as possible, but to completely dismiss a WDW vacation as too corporate or too artificial or whatever they were implying is a very narrow view.
There is so much more to WDW than just rides and a mouse! It brings families together, introduces us to cultures we would probably not have an opportunity to visit, and makes us feel like a kid again. How can that be a negative thing??
Just MHO of course! :tongue:


Those people just don’t get it. There are lots of people out there that consider Disney just another theme park. But if it were, we wouldn’t go back again and again. But that’s okay. There’s room for everyone and all their opinions on this earth. At least you were mature enough to not bash their idea of a great time. Too bad they’re so narrow minded, but what are you gonna do?


Good! Another family that won’t be standing in front of me in line at WDW!



I know people like that as well! They assume they won’t like it either because they don’t like crowds, or roller coasters, or whatever. They don’t realize that it’s Different than anywhere else!



It is beneath those certain people because it doesn’t involve going to a museum or hiking through the mountains. And, yes, there is more to see in America than just WDW or DL. But for me it really is all about getting away from the daily grind, although, mine is quite enjoyable. It is about just “bathing” in the entertainment. I don’t like to lay on the beach for days on end, I also don’t want to run through museums.
Going to Disney is like doing a cruise, they give you a choice of almost round the clock things to do or just to spend time at the resort, laying by the pool. What more can one ask for?
I am talking in circles… My favorite thing to do is spending my hard earned time off with Walt.

There is nothing like Disney, so if people are hurumphing about us going there, they have most likely only experienced the county fair or another theme park which cannot compare to Disney! :angel:


Don’t listen to those tree huggers. Let them get enlightened in Yosemite while I stroll down Main St USA, sounds like a fair deal to me.

In all seriousness, the fact is that there ARE plenty of places to see in this big world. I won’t live long enough to be able to visit all the places I’d like. And there is nothing wrong with expanding your horizons, and wanting to visit different parts of the world. But to completely dismiss a Disney vacation because you have “seen the light” and want to be “one with nature” to me is absurd. There is a time and a place for everything in my opnion.

To me, Disney is my escape. It’s reliable, a sure thing. If you know what you’re doing, like we do here at DC, a Disney vacation is about as sure of a thing as it gets. We know when to go, and when to avoid it. And if you do it right, like we do, you will build memories that’ll last a lifetime.


I have a friend that debates Disney with me all the time. He can’t understand my love for it, because to him it’s fake and artificail. The irony and hypocrisy of the whole thing is this. His vacation destination of choice is Las Vegas :wacko: :huh:


LOL! He may have trouble accepting this, but Las Vegas is a wacked out place. Has he ever seen CSI?



They definitely have fruit and vegetables in Florida, cause I’ve bought some and ate it - and MORE IMPORTANTLY - I didn’t get sick after eating it - which you definitely can do in some places…AND it would be very difficult to peel an orange whilst in a raft in white water.

Disney Sneerers are unfortunately just something we have to learn to put up with. They think they’re smart and sophisticated - but they’re really close-minded. I have a friend(?) who calls it The Evil Kingdom - and he’s never even been there! My dh and I have done a lot of travelling and we’ll do more in the future - I LOVE to travel and I’ve seen a lot of the world (both inside and out of WDW) - but for sheer enjoyment, comfort, fun and happiness no place can beat WDW :heart:

(Although I do admit to really, really, REALLY liking a long weekend in LasVegas - especially when we go with our friends - one of whom loves to spend money on ridiculous things and always includes me…) AND you don’t have to contend with the lectures of my neighbour on seeing your own country first - but I’ve seen my own country from sea to sea - from BonaVista to Vancouver Island, from the Arctic Circle to the Redwood Forest… More than once. And I love it. But there’s no way they’ll ever build a WDW here. It might upset the bison. Heaven forbid we upset the bison, or the Canada Geese, for that matter. I’m rambling…


Oh, blah blah blah. Some people are just so impressed with themselves.

I love Yosemite, I love camping and waterskiing and nature. I also love Disney vacations.

I love the theater. I also love reality television.

I also love fruits and nuts and big bowls of hummus. I also love a big ole juicy burger.

WHO CARES? The only time there’s a “superior” choice is when I’m choosing between two things for myself. Like I said, some people are just far too impressed with their own choices, thinking they’re somehow morally superior to others. Blech.


I have had to defend my love of Disney alot to people especially when I got married and had a Mickey and Minnie themed wedding Richards family is like what the heck arent you tired of Disney . I also had to defend it when we honeymooned there instead of going to mountains or to the keys or to the islands ( Richard gets sunpoisioning so that was out of the question )


Well said…the magic is something they just don’t seem to understand…this not a trend or a passing fad to us… or a proclamation that this the be all to end all …it is just something we all enjoy very,very much


My husband is in the military and it takes alot of planning to take a vacation. We are very well traveled, thanks to the military. I have lived in Alaska, Germany, traveled in Europe and we actually drove from Alaska to Florida last summer. Took 1 1/2 months of the summer off to do it. We had a blast. But when it comes time to plan our family vacations, we love Disney. It is a magical place for our family. We do not get tired of it. If I want to go to the exact same place for vacation every single year, I have no idea why it would bug anyone. Disney has so many different things to offer that I have a hard time thinking that there isn’t something for everyone to enjoy.
I though am personally thankful that there are people who do not enjoy vacationing at Disney. We should probably not even attempt to change their minds. The crowds are plenty big as is. :wink:


I always defend Disney. People like going to amusement parks and say “Well I’d rather go to Carowinds than Disney, and save the money.” Carowinds is a local Paramount amusement park here. And I ask “You’ve never been to WDW have you?” and they say no. I proceed to tell them that no matter what park they go to, it will NEVER compare to Disney. Normal parks are fun, but Disney makes every moment magical.

I went to an amusement park in Pigeon Forge, TN (Dollywood) and a woman in front of me, in line for a ride, said “I hear that this place is going to be bigger than WDW in 5 years.” Once again, I almost said “Excuse me, but have you even been to WDW?” but I didn’t.