Disney 'Desperate' for Latin American Hit




Maybe instead of a plumber, the James Denton role can be a bull fighter… :laugh:


Um, sorry, no–we’re not alot of us aren’t bullfighters.

I dunno–as a Latina I don’t see a need for anymore telenovela type shows. Shows like Lost, ER, or Grey’s Anatomy would be better.


y do they have to be bullfighters?? Y cant they play a role of latino rednecks, or a successful family who live in a great neighborhood, or at least doing the REAL latino stories of having families and sharing their warmth with their fellow neighbors and friends. :closedeye


Is there such a thing? Seems kinda contradictory to me. HAHAHA!


I dunno but im sure we could play the part


I’m not sure if I’d personally want to…


tru that my friend, but if one of us would want to we could.


Yes we can!!!


I’ve always thought the plumber profession was funny (my Grandpa was a plumber) so I just tried to think of the funniest profession associated with the Latin American world. Bull fighter was the first thing that came to mind. I was just being silly…


whatever dude :dry:


why does that have to be associated to the latin american world?? :huh:


Are you serious? Where else in the world do they have bullfighting? It’s a uniquely Spanish sport, right?


man, u r just wrong. go back to school and learn a few things.


Fine, I’m wrong. I beg your pardon…


I thought it was a Spanish thing, too?? :c)

Oh well. It doesn’t matter…maybe it’s not! I don’t know! I DID go to school, though - but we never covered this type of thing!


It is a Spanish thing…that’s what I always thought! :happy: That’s what I was always taught in school! Although it was created into a spectacle by the Greeks and Romans, it originated in Spain.

I found some sites that state that Bullfighting is a Spanish Custom.

Check them out!




Hello!! Did we not watch Madonna’s ‘Take a Bow’ video? Total Spanish bullfighter!

Just kidding guys… :tongue: :wub:


I don’t think the fact that it’s a Spanish thing is the issue. The issue is that saying a bullfighter should be in a show about Latin Americans is a total stereotype. And no one likes to see their race/religion/ etc. stereotyped.

Having said that, I know Dewey didn’t mean any offense. I know him well enough to know that he never does. But I can see why it was taken that way.


Everybody knows that if you want true historical representation, you go to the Madonna videos for the last word… :laugh: