Disney did lose power . . . for a little while!


Just a little update, since most reports from Mbers were they didn’t notice any outages . . . Disney is so good in the planning dept. aren’t they?

Walt Disney World feels power crash for a few minutes

As a precautionary shutdown of a nuclear power plant south of Miami caused domino-effect power outages throughout Florida, some Walt Disney World resort hotels and a few backstage areas lost power for 20-30 minutes. None of the theme parks was affected.

Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando reported no power outtages.

For more on the power crash, which affected more than 3 million Floridians, check out the Orlando Sentinel on-line, or Wednesday’s Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

The affected Disney World hotels included parts of the All Star Resort, Port Orleans Resort and Key West Resort, and part of the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort Convention Center. There also were two traffic lights that went down for a few minutes, but they switched to automatic stop lights, and no sheriff’s deputies had to be dispatched to direct traffic, said Ray Maxwell, administrator of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which provides electricity to Disney World.

The impact to Walt Disney World is over, Maxwell said.

“You have your priorities set of what things will go down first. We have it so it is backstage first,” Maxwell said.

Then the few hotels went down.

The actual power outage lasted 19 minutes, starting at 1:09 p.m… But once Reedy Creek’s full power was restored, it took another 10 minutes or so to get power switched back on for some of the affected areas at Disney World, he said.

Orlando Sentinel - Walt Disney World feels power crash for a few minutes by Beth Kassab


They truely are well-prepared for just about everything aren’t they? gotta love it.


You gotta love this place…they truly value their guests and they think of everything to insure a truly magical experience.