Disney Digital Camera's


Does anyone have a disney digital camera for their child?
if so can you recommend one?
r they worth it?
My 7 year old is starting to get into taking pics etc. and i really want to teach her how to scrapbook alittle, and thought it might be cool if she uses her OWN pics, instead of taking mine…
just wondering,any ideas would be great, Ty


Each of our older children have one. Lily has the princess one and Jay has the pirate one. They’ve had them for about 2 years, and they still work well, but the quality of the pictures is not very good. I think that it is a good camera for a young child who is just beginning to have an interest in photography. My oldest daughter says she’s going hand her camera down to her sister and just take pictures on her cell phone when we go on vacation (she is 10, almost 11, and her sister is 5).


EXACTLY … Our DD has the Princess one and it’s pic’s are always out of focus due to the fact that the flash works when it wants to. Nonetheless we knew it had flaws but she still loves to take pics with it … and puts a Tiara on me with the effects … :ohmy:


LOL - sure she puts the Tiara on you, go with that! :laugh: Just kidding, my DD used to make my DH wear the crown & jewelry from the Pretty Pretty Princess game


Our DS loves to use the effects on his. He is 10, so last year he got a Disney camera that is just silver. He didn’t want one with pictures of anything on it (Pirates or HSM), but he definitely enjoys the Disney effects on it. It takes good enough pictures for his needs. He also uses it to make little movies with his lego’s and it works fine for that.


I love that she puts a tiara on you! :laugh:


I’ll try to post if if I can find it… (Not gonna look to hard!!!) :laugh:


Come on, be a sport. We’re all friends here!! LOL:wink:


its neat my son has the pirates one. he loves the special effects


Ask and you shall receive … Only it was a crown that she used …WHEW !!! That was close !


Cute!!! :slight_smile:


Thats awesome!!!
so cute!!


Awww, that’s so cute! Thanks for sharing it is very sweet!


I too have been in search of a CHEAP camera for each of my kids (DS9 & DD7) for our upcoming trip. Today while at Walmart I purchased each of them a Vivitar ViviCam 5022 - cost of each camera $39.99 (didn’t want to spend more than that), bought 1 purple and 1 silver. The pictures aren’t too bad, good enough for the kids to get some shots, no internal memory but can hold an SD card up to 8GB. Outside pics are better than inside. Here’s a sample:


WOW … those pics are great … Going to have to check out that camera for Katy (DD) ( I can just insert a tiara with photoshop … Not :laugh: )


For $39.99 I think it’s a great buy, it can do video also. My kids have been having fun taking TEST photos and videos most of the day. I’m hoping to find a NERF protector in case they drop it.:blink: I keep telling them, the wrist strap goes on your wrist before you take any photos, don’t swing it and hang on to it.:huh:


My DS (6) is asking for his own camera. I may break the bank and get him one before our next trip in August.


The quality of those is definitely better than my son’s Disney camera, and I paid $39.99 for his, too (and that was on clearance). Just curious, how many megapixels is that camera? I think my son’s is only about 3 MP.


pretty neat!!
thanks for the update!!


The camera is 5.1 megapixels.