Disney Dining Experience card. (updated info?)


I feel like I should know more about this, but I don’t. hehe.

Now that we bought our annual passes someone mentioned to me that I should buy the “Dining Experience” card. We are only using the “dining plan” on our longer August trip, so I am thinking this 20% off dining card would REALLY come in handy on the two short trips we have planned.

I really know NOTHING about them and all the threads i found here are old information.

Where do I buy one? I have to do it fairly fast considering I am leaving in 19 days!

Here are my questions:

  • Do I just have to buy one and that will cover my party?
  • I bought my annual passes through DVC but won’t be “activating” it until May 11th, does that matter?



You can call and order a DDE with your AP voucher, you wil have to give the CM a number off the back so have it with you when you call. I think the card covers up to 8 people. I bought a card last summer for our 2 week trip and we paid for the card after 3 meals and we still had 10 more days.

Since you are so close to your trip you may have to pick your card up at Epcot guest services. It takes about 3 weeks to get the card.


Yep! We always tip 20%, so we end up basically recouping that with the DDE. We’ve used it for the past four trips and find that it comes in handy. It also gives random discounts on things like Pleasure Island.


YAY! I just called, they are issuing me a “temporary card” that I can pick up at EPCOT on May 11th when we arrive. Now I have to go read up on everywhere I can use it. I think we’re taking Michele for her birthday dinner to Cali Grill on the 12th, so it will defiantely come in handy.

Gosh, i REALLY can’t keep all these discounts straight. I am just going to have to staple the DVC membership card and the DDE card on my forehead so EVERYTIME I buy, eat, or do something they can figure it out. haha :tongue:

Bali, I did read you get a ticket discount for the water parks and PI, which is awesome. I think with the DVC card you get a slightly higher discount… like I said… this is too much to keep track of.

THANK YOU! :heart:


I printed up these little booklets last summer to keep all of our discounts straight. They come out great and are so small they are easy to pack around all the time.


Look at you! :wub: :heart: :wub:


That’s a great link. I am still wondering if we should get the DDE card with our AP’s…


We saved a good bit of money with our DDE card.


We easily got our money out of the card last summer. We went a week with my inlaws and a week with some friends so we had either 5 or 8 in our group and saved a lot of money on every sit down meal. It basically took care of the tip each time. We are using the dining plan this trip or we would have used it again.


The DDE is card is GREAT!!!


I loved the fact that it was good at POP’s food court. Our last trip was 2 weeks, so just using it for breakfast everyday and a few odd meals made it worthwhile. All the other meals we saved on was a bonus. If you are an AP holder and can’t use the dining plan, the DDE card is a no brainer


I usually pay for mine within the first month and a half that it is good. I love the DDE card!!!


We have them and I love it !! Like everyone else said basically it saves you on the tip. That can really add up if you do a few sit down meals. Ours paid for itself with 3 meals. I think they are worth the money.


we’ve have doubley paid for our in one long trip and one short trip. The good part about the DDE is it covers alcohol as well…while you have to pay extra for it on the Dining Experience…so if you happen to have a few drinks at say, Beirgarten you can use the dining plan to cover the meal, BUT, you can still use the DDE Card to receive 20% off on alcohol. It really comes in handy!


Now that everyone is buying one they will probably eliminate the card. Joe


As far as I understand the DDE card is only available to annual pass holders so not “everyone” is able to get them.


Also to Florida residents !!


Just trying to say how benefits are getting less and less for APers. Yes, you are right they are only for AP and Florida residents. Joe


Joe, I see what you are saying. Right now, that is one of our few benefits we have left.