Disney Dining Plan for DVC Members


Has anyone heard of the Disney Dining Plan becoming available to DVC members as of late? Heard rumors of it in the past …have heard nothing new as of yet. Anyone else possibly know?


It’s supposed to be available as of the end of April. Supposedly, DVC members can add this to their reservations starting on 1/3/06.

I can’t wait to hear something OFFICIAL, because I am renting points and this is a BIG PLUS for my trip!!!


I called DVC a couple weeks ago when I first heard of this and they said April 1st. Bummer cause we are going two weeks before that. Oh well.


April 1st in the last newsletter. It’s also online at dvcmember.com


DOES this apply if you are renting points or just the member???


I heard people who rent points are also entitled to this perk (but NOT if you just reserve a room at one of the DVC resorts).


What do you mean by that? Do you have to have a package or some thing? Sorry, I am a little confused today - I think I had too much Christmas this weekend!!! :tongue: :wacko:


Normally, in order to get the dining plan, you need to book a MAGIC YOUR WAY PACKAGE (room + park tickets). THEN you could add the dining plan. However, for DVC members, supposedly you do not need to purchase a PACKAGE (since DVC members already have their accomodations paid for). They can just add the dining plan to their existing reservation…no park ticket purchase required. (this should also pertain to people who stay at DVC resorts on RENTED POINTS)

If you stay at the DVC resort and pay the nightly rate for the room, in order to get the dining plan, you will need to have purchased the MYW package in order to get the dining plan.

Make sense now? (am I clear or am I confusing you even more?)

It’s OK to be confused…I feel that way at least once a day!!! :wink:


Makes sense.
I just asked this question in another thread, glad to find your answer here. Thanks!!


You should be good as a renter. Same perks as the owner


No - Kim that was perfect. Just what I needed to know. AND it makes me so happy since I am renting points for May and we are planning to purchase AP’s this year. Thanks for the help!!! :wub:


NO problem, Paula! I am renting points in December 2006 and I CAN’T WAIT to take advantage of this plan! :tongue: I already have my park tickets, so I don’t need them! That’s why I am so excited about this offering!


help do not understand any of this…what exactly is DVC, and how are points rented??? Planning on going in may 6 adlults 1 child, would like to go for 4 days and then cruise for 4. Thinking about wilderness resort, any ideas would be great. Are their animals around the wilderness resort??? thanks in advance. Any money saving tips would be great…is the meal plan worth it???


DVC is the Disney Vacation Club, or Disney’s timeshare. The Home Away from Home resorts are the DVC resorts, so either Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk villas or Villas at Wilderness Lodge. You can either pay cash to stay there just like any other Disney resort, or you can “rent” points from a DVC member. The usual cost for points is about $11 per point. To give you an idea, a 2 bedroom villa at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge would run about 34 points per night for a Sunday through Thursday night, and 61 points for a Friday or Saturday night. So, depending on when your 4 nights are, it could be anywhere between 136 and 190 points for the room only.

Problem is though that we are getting pretty close, and the 2 bedroom villas sell out quickly, so the chance of finding something is less than good.

To rent points, I would go here:


You can find people willing to rent you points, no problem.

No animals around the Wilderness Lodge, only at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The dining plan is a fantastic deal if you normally eat one nice meal a day. You can save quite a bit of money using it.

You know, you can just stay at a Disney resort and still get the dining plan, no need with messing with points or anything.