Disney Dining Plan Question!


I’m a Florida resident so I’m new to this, but now that they offer it, I want to try it out! :laugh:

It says one table, one counter and one snack, Per Person/Per Night!

So I know you can gang them anyway you like . . . we’d be going for two nights . . . so here’s my question, it starts as soon as you check in right?

So it would work like this:

Friday, we arrive dinner time (1 Table Service)
Sat, (1 Table Service, 1 snack, 1 counter)
Sun (1 snack, 1 counter)

Thanks for your help! :blush:

Or, since we are not big TS diners, I was thinking just HDDMR on Sat night! That’s would use the two TS!

It’s a good deal Fri-Sun (Mother’s Day Weekend) $331.83 for me the two DDs ASM or POP with dining! (Not bad right?) :happy:


Wow! That’s an awesome deal!

You are exactly right on the DDP too. And I definitely vote for HDDMR!


Yep! That’s-a how it works! Have fun!!


Thanks for the confirmation! You’re the best! :happy:


You got the hang of it. Just do oop or cs on Friday and you can do the hdd.
I have never been to the HoopDeeDoo thing but sounds fun.


I went once as a kid and then with my DDs last July and they :heart:d it so I thought it would be a fun surprise for them and me! (It’s Mother’s Day Weekend) Go if you’ve never been . . . it’s a lot of FUN!

We drive up Friday after school, so we don’t get there until around 6ish. Anyway, I bring after school snacks for in the car . . . so the kids are never too hungry . . . they just want to hit the pool when we get there! :laugh:


Ok now i have a question…I’m sure this has been answered but i can’t find it
With the basic plan like she said… 1 SD 1 CS and 1 snack
BUT!!! with a child it also includes an appitizer…ok WHY?
And can we order an appitizer for all of us? or do they have appitizers just for kids? See what i’m saying? And since we have the DP will it go on our room card? And do we let them know that we have the dp??? Im confused the more i think of it…lol
Thats more than 1 question isn’t it…:pinch:

Oops forgot…i also have this link…i been reading it over and over again…


OK I reviewed that link and I’m confused now too . . . I thought they took off the app, dessert and gratuities from the plan . . . but there it is in black and white!!?? :confused: And this is the 2008 book? Confirmation . . . ANYONE?

And yes it is right on your “Key to the Magic” which has your resort key, park hoppers, dining plan and an attached credit card if you like! So you only have to carry one card with you!! :laugh:


How very strange. Where did this come from?


Thing is…the appitizer is NOT included for an adult but IS with a child…
I want to say i got it off the WDW site…im not sure…im gonna go check again…i believe the WDW site also has a rundown of the dining plan.:huh:


It is similar to the one I printed back in July O7 cept this one says “08Dining.pdf” it’s not correct . . . right? :confused:

Because kids only get to choose from the kids menu and there is NO app with that?


Found this on another board . . . checking out allears.net now:

Disneyworld.com says appetizers on the kids’ dining plan? - Disney World Trivia .com Forums


I guess this must vary by resturant. It seems a really strange way for Disney to advertise it though since the vast majority of kids meals do not include an app. hmm… this bothers me.


Ok that IS the 2008 plan. I just opened it up again. And there it is…appitizer ages 3-9 only
I always wondered if everyone got an appitizer on the plan would everyone on the plan order one? lol thats a lot of food just to begin with…
Ok lets see what else we have…


Yes, previous to 2008, and now on the deluxe plan, an appetizer is included for each person (except children). I am AMAZED at how much people eat! EEK!


Funny i saw that same post myself!!! I have seen some resurant offer a “kids” appitizer. Glad i wasn’t the only one confused!
Ok but wait. :huh: If a child get an appitzer for every meal…and the resturants don’t offer a “kids” app…does that mean they can order a reg app???
OMG im confusing myself!!!
:huh: :blink: :huh: :blink: which isn’t hard…lol


I’m going to call tomorrow to find out? Just doesn’t make sense . . . allears says this:

Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2008 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages


While you work out the appetizer issue, let me say, using two credits for Hoop Dee Doo Revue is a huge waste! A dinner that uses two credits should cost between $60-70 per adult, or $30-35 per credit. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.


I dont think the kids get an app off the adult menu or do they? I think its something like grapes or carrots or something like that.


[QUOTE=Soundgod] While you work out the appetizer issue, let me say, using two credits for Hoop Dee Doo Revue is a huge waste! A dinner that uses two credits should cost between $60-70 per adult, or $30-35 per credit. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money. /QUOTE]

I know, I know . . . and I KNEW you were going to say this! I was rethinking it last night . . . are any of the dinner shows worth the TWO credits ('cept CRT)?

I was thinking maybe we do a TS breakfast on Sunday . . . Mother’s Day! :smile: and then a dinner either Friday or Saturday.