Disney Dining Plan - update


Hi all,
I was on the MouseSavers sight and found some info on the additions of snacks.

What Can You Get With Snack Credits?
As of May 2006, Disney has expanded the items available with Dining Plan snack credits. Disney is now generally defining a “snack” on the Disney Dining Plan be an item under $4 (pre-tax), edible, non-alcoholic, non-merchandise and non-souvenir. Some items such as pizza slices are excluded.

Snacks can be redeemed at quick service or snack cart locations only. Quick-service and snack cart locations display a “dining plan” logo on their menus indicating items for which you can use your snack credits.

Among the items now available with Dining Plan snack credits:

ice cream novelty
frozen fruit bar
box of popcorn
12 oz soft drink
20 oz Powerade
24 oz bottle of water
piece of fruit
bottled fruit juice
flavored milk
snack-sized bag of chips
ice cream sundaes
ice cream floats
bakery items
Mickey rice krispy treats
Also, during the 2005 Food & Wine Festival, snack credits could be redeemed for most “tasting portions” offered in the booths around World Showcase. Hopefully that will also be true in 2006.


The snack becomes more worthless as time goes by. Originally, a snack was defined as an entree and beverage, no dessert or appetizer. This is the definition from 2003. I’ve noted how worthless the snack voucher was at Disneyland, and it seems that WDW is heading down the same path. For someone like me, I may get lunch and dinner out of the dinning plan, but it looks like my breakfast is coming out of pocket.


I did not think the current dining plan was around in 2003… was it a different plan?


Hey dac - does a Dole Whip count as a snack?


Boss, I think so, I am still researching that, but isn’t Dole Whip a forum of ice cream which can be purchased for under $4.00.



Thanks for the update. This will come in handy for my trip. :heart:


Ic cream - yes. Cost? I don’t know - I always end up buying 5-7 of them … and someone else keeps the change.


I think it’s GREAT that they are letting you get more for your snack credits! At first, it was only a choice of a few items. Now, you can get so much more!


Well from what I have been reading… and I even called just for you Boss…
Even though I have never had a Dole Whip… sounds good will try it in September


Great! That means I can try one for the first time and count it as a snack on my plan.


dac you rock. Thank you.
Dole Whips in a mere thirty days (give or take 1).


Wow! This sounds great to me! No more fighting for a brownie instead of a mickey krispy treat now! I think more flexibility is obviously better!

And IMHO, I think the meal plan is a great deal, even if I had to pay for my breakfast. I can’t remember actually sitting down to three big meals a day when I’m there anyways, so the snack fits us perfectly!


It was part of the platinium magic package. The gold at the time gave you 3 meals at any of 125 places in WDW. Platinum was 3 a day plus the snack. The dine your way meal plan is less expensive, but there’s less options without paying out of pocket. I’ve always felt that the “snack” as it is, is a waste.


Ice Cream Floats!!!
I ALWAYS buy these at AK…I :wub: them!


I like the change! We don’t snack a lot (we eat too much when we eat a meal) but the flexability is really nice. I’m sure we will use most of our snacks for water but I’ll have to have a Mickey bar at least once.


I said this in another thread I believe, we went last July and almost all of our snack points went for bottled water! It was worth it!


Nice to see they have expanded the snacks. We used most of ours last time for bottled water too, but we did eat at least one Mickey bar - we kind of felt obligated too with the free snacks! Of course, it was an obligation I was happy to meet! :tongue:


That’s what we are planning on. We drink a lot of bottled water, I bet we are out of snacks the first half of our trip.


Alright…Dole Whips…what are they and where are they? And Ice Cream Floats- my boys love root beer floats- can you get them somewhere?

Bottled water? We’re bringing these sport bottles I found on-line that have a water filter attached to the top. Fill them up with ice (can you just go up to any food place and get ice?) and some fountain water, and hopefully the water will taste like water after it’s filtered.

Thanks for all the tips.


For the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT we used our snack allocations eating at the kiosks around the world… I was sorry we had dinner reservations that night because there were so many options available! We had leftover snack points last year…that we could’ve used at the Food Festival.

I liked having the snacks options… we have a familiy of 5…last year there were only 3 of us on the meal plan (last year two were under 3) and we had more than enough snack points as we don’t get snacks that often… it was nice to be able to treat everyone in the family an ice cream of their choosing… normally DH and I would probably buy for the kids and than we’d eat their dripping leftovers! It’s expensive buying them for the whole family… being on the meal plan lets us feel like we can indulge a few times during the week without worrying about breaking the bank…one day we might do an icecream or Mickey Bar (I like the choc.covered froz.bananas when I can find them!)…other days we might buy a couple of waters and a big grab of chips to share…etc.