Disney Dining Plan


We are debating the dining plan. Additional cost to our package would be $39 per (4) adult per day and $10 per (1) child - age 5.

We plan to do a few character meals. As this is our first visit we are looking for you experts to tell us if this is worth it. What do most of you do? Thanks.


I think the dining plan is well worth it. Especially if you’re doing character meals which tend to get expensive. Another nice thing about the dining plan is that it allows you to try places and order items you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

I think if you broke it down and did the math, you’d find that it more than pays for itself.

I say go for it, get the Dining Plan and ease your mind. The idea of walking out of restaurants without physically handing over cash or a credit card is nice too. You won’t have to skip something you’d want because the price is too steep.

Have a great trip and welcome to Disney Central!


I also say GO FOR IT! $39 a day really isn’t that bad. JUST DO IT! (And report on how you enjoyed it when you get back!) :wink:


For 2006, it is $38 per adult and $10 per child per night of your stay.

If the only nice meals (sit down) that you are going to do, most likely it won’t be worth it for you. Food at WDW can get very expenisve, and many sit down meals are easy $65 per person once you add in tax and gratuities. I think if you do a couple of character meals and a couple of sit down meals you will easily save money, and it is so nice to know everything is prepaid, and you can order anything you want without worrying about the cost.