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But I found this posted… thought it interesting…

Would a Snack by Any Other Name Taste as Sweet?

As of May 1, 2006 a larger number of new snack items have apparently become part of the Disney Dining Plan. It has been reported that the Disney Dining Plan logo has now started to appear on a wide variety of side items and desserts at theme park snack locations and Disney resort food courts/counter service locations. According to several Dining Cast Members, all side items and desserts under $4.00 are now counted as a snack. Disney representatives are now referencing the following list of items as a new guide to typical snack items:

Originally Posted by Disney Representatives -
12 oz soft drink
20 oz Powerade
24 oz bottle of water
Bakery items (under $4.00)
Bottled fruit juice
Box of popcorn
Flavored milk
Frozen fruit bar
Ice cream floats (under $4.00)
Ice cream novelty
Ice cream sundaes (under $4.00)
Mickey rice krispy treats
Piece of fruit
Snack-sized bag of chips

Since Disney has yet to make a formal announcement acknowledging these changes, it should be kept in mind that these items could also be “unmarked” as suddenly as they were “marked” unless Disney makes a formal amendment to their current Disney Dining Plan policy.


I think that’s a great idea. I remember having an issue with them last Sept when I wanted to buy a brownie at POR bakery as a DDP snack, and they told me it wasn’t covered, but the mickey crispy treat was covered, and it cost more! It makes sense to me that it should be kept as anything under a certain $ value is a snack.


Under the earlier versions of WDW dining plans, a snack was defined as any entree and drink without dessert as well as the usual cakes, cookies and ice creams. On the other hand, if you get involved with the dining plans for Disneyland, your snack voucher will only get you part way to a pretzel and a bottle of water before youhave to pay for the rest out of pocket.


This is great. If you read our TR or other DDP posts from our trip last summer, the CS, food courts, and snack stands were pretty inconsistent on what they called snacks, whether it was beverage or food. Some places would give you almost anything, others would pull out the dreaded laminated list was copied from the DDP brochure. We generally found the food courts to be more liberal. And all the parks but MK would give us large drinks, while MK gave us the medium (or was it the small). This should help!


But am I bad to visit other sites?


So when you order your CS meal that includes a dessert I wonder if things will get all mixed up now? I like the idea of adding more snack options though.


I just love the idea of having more of a variety.
I would like to see DISNEY make it offical… I still have 134 days so I might by then.
I did check their website and their DDP site hasn’t changed… yet… but they only started 3 days ago.


this takes alot of guesswork out of what will be/will not be covered.

Excellent plan!

Dee - yup, you’re bad!


I’m so happy to hear this, it will make using the plan so much easier.


I agree, easier and more flexible. It will definitely be nice to have more choices!


As we went in Summer, we used most of our snack points on bottled water!



We were there during the changes. At Pop Century when we got there 4/28. Some things weren’t snacks Brownies, milk and small box of cereal, etc. Now, it is. Makes things much easier. They are in the process of labeling everything in the frigs, etc. to say if it is snack or not.

It was crazy for us. There is not much consistancy, one day someone would give things to us as part of the plan the next they wouldn’t. For instance, we ate at Kona Cafe two different days, for breakfast. First day, you got an appetizer like a fruit bowl and then entree. The next day, they said that is only with dinner you get an appetizer. Which is not fair, because we choose to use our sit down as a breakfast a couple days. If we would have put, up a stink Im sure we could have gotten them. Because, it clearly states for a sit down a beverage, entree, appetizer and dessert. We were already missing out, because no dessert comes with breakfast.

It was great, the dinning. We ate at places, we normally would not have tried otherwise.

For 2 adults and 1 child at Prime-time the bill totaled 86.00. So, it pd for itself. Just make sure you use it. I think that is what they are banking on, for people not to use all their dinners or snacks.

As for Pop Century. We liked it, ok. We went with only on kid (age 5). But, there were lots of families and of course, more noise. (PLEASE, I HAVE A FAMILY TOO. SO DON’T YELL AT ME) But, not everyone watches there kids very well. For instance, on night at 1:00 a few pre-teens were knocking loudly on everyones door to wake them up. (OTHER THINGS ALSO, vandelism, fights (teens) etc.)

As for the resort, it was pretty. Rooms were nice, not terribly big. Lots of walking.
The food court was nice. Pretty clean, they tried at least. Food good.

IT DOES HAVE HAIR DRYERS AND IRONS/BOARDS. But, BEWARE the dryers are not very powerful and will take time if your hair is short.

Lines at the parks were 40 min. but, not to bad. Pretty crowded I thought.

But worth it for 86 degree days. I live in Ohio, today is 56.


We just got back on 05/09 and the snacks on the dining plan were so different from the last trip - and for the better. There is so much that is available now including the famous Dole Whip!

You can get snacks just about anywhere now, everything from the popcorn to Ice Cream SUNDAES! Even the Edy’s ice cream shop on Main Street and the Main Street Bakery!

We did get water as it was warm but we had sundaes at Aunt Gerties, Root Beer floats at Edy’s on main street, triple choc. cake and strawberry shortcake from the main street bakery and frozen cokes from Skuttles Landing just to name a few. :mickey:


I’m so glad to read this update on snacks as we’ll be going just 2 weeks from tomorrow - I’m getting so excited!

I’ve read about Dole Whips but never had one. It sounds like something our DGSs would love. Can you find them anywhere, or if not, where?



Dole Whips are at Aloha Isle, at MK. I think it’s across from the Swiss Family Treehouse.

I’ve yet to try one either.


Yes that is where they are and you really need to try one - you will love them. :mickey: